What Is Chatwee And Who It Is For

Chatwee is a social live chat app which isn’t all that easy to explain to someone who hasn’t used it yet. Unlike tons of other online chats, it hasn’t been designed to deliver text-based customer support in ecommerce and elsewhere but rather to provide space for website visitors to interact in. Chatwee finds use wherever there are people assembling online, brought together by a common interest or purpose – an online community. If you’re looking for a tool that will level up the social aspect of your site, Chatwee chat is your go-to solution.

What follows is an introduction to our social chat aimed at helping you understand if it’s indeed what you’re looking for. Now, get to meet Chatwee!

The idea behind Chatwee and online community

The central idea behind Chatwee is online community

The Internet is a social place, as evidenced by countless forums, specialist sites, and various personal profile based networks. It’s clear people come here to meet other like-minded individuals, interact, and build connections.

Luckily, users have plenty of ways to achieve these goals.

Now, Chatwee fits right into this social niche. If you’re running a site that attracts steady traffic, you might want to consider adding a group chat extension that will facilitate communication between the visitors and help you establish and grow a thriving community.

Our community chat software is a platform for starting a conversation on any website. It’s pretty much like a comments section, a forum, and an instant messenger combined into a single app, with plenty of exciting features to keep users engaged.

Why is Chatwee important?

Chatwee plays an important role because it addresses a fundamental need Internet users have of being able to socialize online.

Again, if you see a steady stream of users to your website and would like to turn them into an actual online community, there are a number of ways you could go about this, including relying on third-party social media sites.

Alternatively, you can focus more on your own assets and keep community members’ interaction on a group messaging platform like Chatwee, installed on your site literally within a minute.

Chatwee is a tool that gives you freedom and lets you keep users where you want them to be – on the mothership, I mean, your website.

How can Chatwee help you?

So, how does Chatwee group chat widget aid your community-building efforts?

First off, Chatwee lets you grow an online community on your own terms, at a place where you set all the rules – your website. You no longer have to rely on any external platform, nor do you have to compete for user attention in the noisy public squares of social media. Importantly, we don’t impose any chat content policy limitations on our users so it’s truly up to you how the day-to-day interaction in your chat rooms will look like.

As a brand, you can listen to what prospects and customers have to say about your business and adjust, as well as create private chat rooms and foster micro communities. With Chatwee, you can hear directly from consumers to improve future product development and your day-to-day operations.

As a non-commercial organization of any type, you can grow your community and keep it engaged using a wide range of features stimulating discussion. Chatwee users can communicate using text, emoji, images, videos and gifs, as well as short voice messages in public chat rooms and private chats.

Who has Chatwee helped already?

Chatwee has been used by all sorts of online communities worldwide for a decade now. Clearly, people feel the need to link up with other like-minded individuals online, and technology makes it possible while removing any geographical distances at the same time.

These online communities constitute a very broad and diverse user category on their own, however, in recent years, we’ve seen a spike in interest coming from other specific groups including:

  • providers of mental health support
  • teams looking to communicate internally 
  • podcasts (read a CASE STUDY)
  • day trading sites
  • churches
  • and more…

What they all have in common, is again, the fact there are people coming together online for a common purpose or to achieve a goal. Chatwee has proved to be a multifaceted platform useful for provision of services as well as informal interaction. 

In conclusion

The group chat service by Chatwee is most of all an online community platform.

With it, you can create a space on your website where people will be able to come together and interact in multiple ways, in real time.

Whether you’re a business or a non-commercial organization, Chatwee allows you to address the need Internet users have to socialize online and do it on your own terms too.

Our social chat app lets you start small but as your community grows, you can easily scale up with readily available plans or inquire about individual enterprise solutions including higher user limits and custom-developed features.

If you’re looking to attract returning visitors to your site and keep them engaged, definitely give Chatwee a try. Create your free account using the form below and start chatting today.

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