Chatwee Live Chat WordPress Plugin Released!

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Need to bring some new energy to your blog community? With Chatwee Live Chat, you are on the right track! We are very pleased to announce that on 23 January took place release of the Chatwee official live chat plugin for WordPress. From now on the installation of our live chat is simple and convenient and does not require tampering with the code of your WordPress blog.

This entry will teach you how to install WordPress Chat plugin from Chatwee.


How to Create Communication Between Browser Tabs Using Cookies

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Most of the modern desktop browsers support multi-tabbing which means that many pages can be browsed using the same application instance.

Furthermore user can run any number of browser threads which means that particular website could be displayed any number of times on different tabs. That simple and obvious fact could complicate web developer life when it comes to keep synchronized state of JS application on every tabs which sometimes is necessary.