Third-party Cookies

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Last year was very significant for old good browser cookies. For those who don’t know what cookies are: they are small chunks of data stored on users hard disk. They contain mainly simple tokens and identifiers which allow websites to still recognize us as the same user even if we leave the page and return after some time.

Most of HTTP sessions are based on cookie files. They also may contain “soft” data like user preferences and customizations, like the level of sound volume in video players or prefered font size. Cookies became very famous recently. They were even taken under the protection of the european law and every website which uses them has to inform users about the fact.


Storing IP Address in Mysql Database

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Storing IP addresses is a common issue when developing web applications. It may be needed for variety of features like banning or resolving user localization. IP address is also used by many applications for improving security system (just try for one time to log into Gmail service from another country and you will be probably prompted with security question).

One of the main and most obvious questions while implementing those features is how to store that kind of data, as far as there is no dedicated IP address data type in MySQL engine.


How to Create Communication Between Browser Tabs Using Cookies

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Most of the modern desktop browsers support multi-tabbing which means that many pages can be browsed using the same application instance.

Furthermore user can run any number of browser threads which means that particular website could be displayed any number of times on different tabs. That simple and obvious fact could complicate web developer life when it comes to keep synchronized state of JS application on every tabs which sometimes is necessary.



How to make browser window blink

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Sometimes it’s useful to draw immediate attention of your website users. There are many ways to do that in Javascript. These include sound notifications, native JS alerts (very annoying method) or HTML pop-ups. But there is another way get your visitor focused and that is to make your browser window blink.

In this short note I will describe how to achieve that simple effect using plain JS.