13 Ways to Use Chatwee to Engage Attendees at Virtual Events

We’re halfway through 2021. Many of the restrictions that were in effect have now been eased off. It still remains to be seen how it all plays out on the grander scale but things are looking up. By most accounts, virtual events which have become extremely popular during the pandemic aren’t predicted to be completely abandoned at all. Thus, if you’re planning to keep them as a part of your operations, as you should, you might as well learn about the multiple ways to use Chatwee live chat to engage attendees during online events.

Chatwee is unlike any other chat app out there. No, really. It’s been specifically designed with online audiences in mind. Its main purpose is to create space for people to interact in and build connections. 

How does our social hub achieve this, you may ask.

We’ll, it offers a number of original features facilitating real time interaction between its users. These functionalities aim to make the experience of participating in a virtual event resemble an actual meeting as much as possible and perhaps even enhance it.

So, what makes Chatwee the perfect user engagement solution for your online event?

Direct URL

Once installed on a site, Chatwee is easily accessible via a clickable icon sitting in the bottom right or left corner of the screen. This is the default mode most users are comfortable with. Still, virtual events vary in style and so may the way their attendees get involved in the chat.

Chatwee offers a link which opens the chat in a full screen mode and can be sent to participants to allow them to directly log in with a single click. The Direct URL can also be used as a base for any hypertext or menu item, for example, that is supposed to lead to the chat room.

User list

A social chat like ours is designed to promote interaction between its users. By default, the app shows a list of all the people currently logged in and you can start a private conversation with any of them simply by clicking their name.

Browser notifications

Attending an online event means you don’t have to actually be there 100% of the time. In other words, some people’s attention may be scattered and they won’t be in the tab where the event takes place throughout its entire duration.

With browser notifications on, the attendees won’t miss any chat activity. If the discussion picks up pace, they’ll be drawn back to see what’s going on if they weren’t there already. The feature can be enabled for private chats too.

Pinned messages 

This is a super handy feature that allows you to convey stuff of particular importance or make announcements and make sure no one logged in to the chat misses them. 

Once a message is posted, a moderator can pin it at the top of the chat room to make it clearly visible to everyone. You can pin multiple messages too but don’t overdo it obstructing the view of the ongoing chat discussion.

Country flags

Country flags are displayed next to usernames in the user list. They can be a neat little way of showing how diverse your audience is. The event participants may also be excited about approaching and interacting with people from around the globe which will translate into a higher overall engagement.

Emoji reactions

Every message posted in the chat can be reacted to using one of the four emoji 👍👎🙂🤗 You can utilize this feature for contests or voting where the event participants use emoji reactions to indicate the winning message or the best answer to a question.

User mentions 

This feature allows you to tag another person in your chat message using the @ symbol. It’s a great way to draw attention of the user mentioned and thus drive more engagement in the chat.

Media upload and preview

User interaction in the chat also means the exchange of any files that may be relevant to the discussion going on. Chatwee allows you to upload files of up to 2MB, as well as view images, gifs, and YouTube videos directly in the chat, making the interaction more exciting.

Voice messages

Social interaction online has the tendency of catching us up on the go. We’re not always in the perfect spot, quite literally, to reply and keep the thread going simply by texting an answer.

Oftentimes, it may be easier to record and post a 10-second voice message in the chat. This feature allows for rapid exchange of ideas and lets users express themselves freely. 

25 language versions

Everyone knows English is the business lingua franca. Still, not everyone has a great command of it and some may prefer an interface in their mother tongue which is perfectly fine.

Chatwee gives you the opportunity to speak your audience’s language by setting the app’s interface to one of the 25 versions available.  

Welcome message

We’ve learned that online communities are different. Some see a returning, steady bunch while others keep attracting new people all the time.

A welcome message is a great way for greeting new incoming users to the chat with a short message letting them know where they are or communicating any other piece of information you deem important.

Group chats 

Virtual events are all about networking, just like live ones. Chatwee’s group chat feature allows you to conduct meetings inside a meeting. 

In other words, you can set up sessions where only a selected few people will be able to connect with each other. The group chat feature is great for networking in a tighter circle to build business relations that matter.

Moderator involvement

Attendee engagement during an online event is very much up to you. Using Chatwee, you have additional means to drive the conversation by getting chat moderators involved. 

They can ask questions, address other users’ concerns, or make sure only appropriate queries are posted in the chat by premoderating messages.

In conclusion

All in all Chatwee has proved to be an amazing online community activator. Its set of features is perfect for getting website visitors engaged and talking on a regular basis. 

All of the features discussed in this post are available with all the plans but can be switched off as well, as you please.
Chatwee is an extremely flexible solution ready to meet your specific needs. Sign up today and give it a try or contact us to discuss any concrete requirements you may have.

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