What Is a Group Chat App All About?

A group chat app is chat software allowing multiple users to communicate with each other all at the same time. In essence, it’s a private chat room that can be used for a wide range of purposes. There is a group chat feature available with many of the social media platforms but then there are also standalone applications focusing on users interacting primarily via texting. Let’s have a closer look at what a group chat app is and what it’s used for.

There’s an important distinction to be made at this point.

The market is rife with run-of-the-mill one-to-one chat widgets used in ecommerce and other contexts where real time support may be required. What this post discusses, however, is a group chat for website – an application which adds social interaction capabilities to any site it’s installed on.

Its purpose is to promote chatroom-like user interaction and not deliver customer service.

That said, there are contexts where a group chat service can be used to provide a certain type of assistance, which will be mentioned further in the post.

How does a group chat widget work?

If you have regular, perhaps even returning traffic, you should consider turning them into a legitimate online community with the help of a group chat widget.

There’s a number of benefits related to having a loyal audience frequenting your website such as increased traffic and marketing opportunities. Having a platform that attracts and keeps users on the site is one way to boost your growth efforts.

Now, to add a social component to your website, you can easily embed group chat on it to allow people coming in to interact, build ties, and encourage them to come back. In essence, a group chat widget is a user engagement tool.

The way a group messaging app works is it allows its users to hold discussions in chat rooms open to all, group chats involving only selected individuals, or direct, one to one chats.

Usually, users can engage via text, emoji and gifs, images, videos, and links. The point of a group chat is to bring people closer together by allowing them to swiftly communicate in real time.  

One other thing worth mentioning is that if we’re talking about a company group chat app, a platform that can replace email for day-to-day employee communication, there’s probably no need for any type of policing. However, in open communities on the Internet, that perhaps even anonymous users can join, moderators may be participating in the group chat as well to keep things in check.

What can a group chat be used for?

A group chat widget for website can be used for way more than just friendly banter. Its exact purpose will of course depend on the type of community it serves, however, there are certain patterns we can list.

A group chat can be used for:

  • everyday communication by community members
  • contacting website admins 
  • engaging during all sorts of live streamed videos
  • providing peer support in various health contexts
  • meeting other like-minded people
  • virtual and hybrid events
  • online church services
  • team communication
  • expanding interests and hobbies
  • e-learning
  • and plenty of other things

Communication is essential for humans and a group chat widget for website makes it possible for people to interact in real time despite geographical distances between them. This directly benefits them, as well as the site owners, who see more traffic and longer stay time.

What features should the best group chat app have?

Yet again, the features you should be looking for are the ones that best meet your community or group needs. That said, when looking for the best group chat app, you may want to focus on securing a set of functionalities that will fit a wide range of contexts.

These will include:

  • multiple chatrooms
  • 1 to 1 chats
  • group chats for selected users
  • moderation features
  • multiple display modes and color customization
  • own branding options

Chatwee, the group messaging app and a true social hub for your website has all of those plus a TON more features that will make the chatting experience unique for your audience.

I could go on listing all the available features but I reckon it’s better for you to simply sign up using the form below with absolutely no commitments and take Chatwee for a spin to see if it has what you need.

In case you’ll have any questions pre- or post-installation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Final word

In conclusion, a group chat widget is a versatile communication platform intended for all kinds of online communities and groups of people. It clearly differs in its capabilities and applications from a typical one to one chat widget.

A group chat app can be used in many different contexts with the goal of engaging the users in public and private conversations.

The best group messaging app will have several base features you should be looking for in order to be able to create a robust environment for your online community.

Chatwee has been designed with rich, real-time online interaction in mind so I encourage you to give it a try if you’re running a socially-oriented website of any kind.

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