Chat Rules – Make Your Users Accept Chat Policies Before Joining

Following rules in an online community or during an online event is crucial if you want to maintain a friendly atmosphere. There are many ways of preventing spam and keeping the chat under control – in this post we’d like to show you how to make your users read the chat rules and accept them before joining a Chatwee chatroom. Importantly, the contents of the chat policy are custom. Any information can be put there – chat rules and policies, information about an upcoming event, opening hours of the chatrooms, or any custom text you’d like your users to see first. Read more to see how to set up your own chat rules and make your users accept them before accessing the chat.

Aside from explaining the chat policy feature, we will direct you to posts about other tools related to chat control and spam prevention as well.

Creating a list of chat rules in Chatwee

Log in to your Dashboard (or make a free account here if you don’t already have one) and go Customize -> Access. Click Enable chat policy.

You will see a box in which you can type or paste your text and then format it. The chat policy box doesn’t have to be used for chat rules – you can write anything there, while keeping in mind that users have to click Accept before joining.

Chat policy/terms option is displayed, with a checkbox and an example set of rules in an editing window. Beside the image there is an example chat window with its rules displayed. Under the rules there is a button titled Accept.
Click Enable chat policy and write your text in the provided box – your chat rules will be displayed before joining a chat. By the way, the colors of the chat are also customizable. 🙂

That’s it! Save your work and refresh the chat.

Chatwee chats are highly customizable and it’s not difficult to adjust them to your website and the needs of your community. Below you can find a list of other tools that can be useful for further moderation of your chat.

Other ways of spam prevention and chat control

Aside from setting up your own chat policy, you can:

  • Premoderate messages – accept or reject messages or files before they’re posted in the chat.
  • Create custom links – turn particular words into links automatically in all the messagesm containing them. This may come in handy if you want to quickly reference pages with rules, guides, or any other content.
  • Appoint multiple moderators – they can ban users and delete already posted messages.
  • Restrict access to your chat – the chat can be open to everyone, only to the registered users, or only to the members of your own community. You can install your chat widget only on selected subpages or the entire website, depending on your needs. The chat can also operate under a direct link or be embedded somewhere on your website.
  • Disable proxy.
  • Set up a profanity filter – either censor your chosen words, or simply block messages from being sent if they contain a forbidden word. The list is customizable.
  • Enable or disable file sharing and media preview.

We hope that these options will help you prevent spam in your chat and make communication in your community easier. If you’d like to see everything Chatwee has to offer, sign up and request a free trial of a paid plan by contacting our Support Team. You can also use Chatwee without any subscription and see how it suits you. 🙂

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