Everything About Chat Moderation Tools in Chatwee

Chat moderation is a very important topic to discuss if you care about spam prevention and controlling the content that is posted in the chat embedded in your website. Chatwee has a multitude of tools related to keeping your chat under control and lets you appoint multiple moderators to help with the workload. Read more to find out what can be done to improve moderation in your Chatwee chat and how to appoint moderators.

The importance of chat moderation

Moderation has always been a part of Internet conversations taking place in chats and embedded chatrooms, regardless of the traffic size. The ability to ban unwelcomed users and delete messages which violate chat policies is extremely important for spam prevention and avoiding content unsuitable for your chat or community members.

This matters even more during particularly serious chat conversations or events. Chats are usually associated with casual convos and sharing interests online, but they can also be used for business meetings, online events and conferences, mental health support, live trading, church services, and other communication instances that require certain level of content control. Chatwee has been proven successful in these areas. We are especially proud of contributing to the well-being of people who need mental support in the online sphere. Our chats with moderation tools let mental health providers convey online, moderated support sessions.

Admin and moderators

Let’s start with explaining what’s the difference between the two.

The Chatwee admin is a person who owns the chat and has the access to the Chatwee Dashboard. The admin can change the settings of the chat and act as a moderator. A moderator does not have the access to the settings, but is there to supervise the chat and its users. Moderators (and the admin) can ban users, delete messages, and (optionally) premoderate messages. Both admin and moderator accounts are marked with a star, whose color can be adjusted according to your own preference.

The admin can also view private conversations held by moderators as long as this option is on. Private conversations between users cannot be accessed by anyone.

Appointing moderators

To appoint moderators, go to your Dashboard and click the Moderators tab. A moderator-to-be has to register within your chat before being appointed – this can be done in your chat window. Once they sign up, you can promote them to a mod by using their email in the Moderators tab.

The limit of mods depends on the chosen plan and with our Enterprise solution, it can go even up to one hundred. Here you can see a list of plans and the number of available moderators for each of them.

If you’d like to make an account on someone’s chat, click Sign up in a chat window. Only registered users can become moderators.
This is the Moderators tab where you can add, remove, and view the moderators.

That’s it! Now the moderator can watch over the chatrooms and their users.

Moderation tools

Admins and mods can control the crowd and the content in several ways.

  • Premoderating messages – if this option is switched on, a moderator will have to accept a message for it to be published in the chat. Messages can be rejected if they do not comply with the chat policy or contain something inappropriate.
  • Deleting messages – moderators can delete any messages and files sent by users. To do so, click the cogwheel icon under the message and click delete.
  • Bans – moderators can ban users who misbehave or spam, either for a short period of time or permanently. To ban a user, hover over their username and choose the ban type.

There are also a lot of options related to safety and content control that can be adjusted by the admin in the Dashboard.

  • Access settings: you can disable guest type of accounts, enable only registered Chatwee users or implement Single Sign-On to restrict the chat only to registered users from your website. You can use the option Display chat only for logged-in users or make the chat visible only on a given subpage to ensure that only your closed community can see and access the chatrooms.
  • Disable proxy – this option restricts proxy users from accessing the chat.
  • Restrict chat users from changing their usernames
  • Enable chat policy – lets you create a page within the chat showing rules which have to be accepted before joining the chat.
  • Block profanity and Censor inappropriate words – the first option will censor swear words (or any other words chosen by the admin) with an asterisk. The other option will block the message with prohibited vocabulary from being sent. The list of forbidden words is customizable.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can be adjusted and customized.

Try it out!

We hope that this guide helped you find out more about moderation tools in Chatwee and to decide what to implement in your own chat. You may have also found out that chats can be used for quite unconventional purposes. 🙂

If you don’t have an account yet, you can register for free here. We encourage you to request a free trial of a chosen paid plan to see all the features Chatwee has to offer.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team in case of any questions. 🙂

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