Support Chat – One of Chatwee’s Many Faces

Chatwee has been designed to serve online communities first and foremost. I’ve developed multiple posts available on this blog, discussing the relation between live chat and groups of people frequenting particular websites. At the same time, I haven’t really given much attention to the support role many chat apps play simply because this isn’t our product’s main purpose. That said, I’m about to switch things up and show you how to turn Chatwee into a support chat.

The style of interaction between members of online communities and a prospect/client and a support agent differ significantly. Basically, the former often is one-to-many, while the latter is strictly one-to-one.

As soon as you install Chatwee on your site, its visitors will be able to engage right away. If, however, you’d like to use the app as a sort of a support chat, you’ll need to adjust the settings in your Dashboard.  

I know you may be thinking, “There’s plenty of strictly support chat apps available. Why would I want to mess around with Chatwee?” Well, I believe there are several reasons you may be interested in trying this mode.

How does the support chat mode work?

First off, tuning the settings will not turn Chatwee into your regular support chat anyway. It’s going to be a little different. What you’ll get is a list of admins site visitors can approach to ask any questions they may have. You may also choose to not strictly follow all my suggestions and thus create something in between.

Chatwee’s support chat mode may be useful for a special kind of site. Maybe you’ve been using the app for community purposes but your mode of operation has changed. Maybe you’d like to try a new way of communicating with your audience. Whatever the reason may be, here’s…

How to turn Chatwee into a support chat

The process is simple, really. For the most supportest (yeah, I said it) experience do the following:

  • Disable chat rooms – prevent users from being able to have a public discussion.
  • Disable user list – prevent users from seeing other individuals logged in to the chat.
  • Disable chats between regular users
  • Disable community section – this is where registered users would normally be shown.
  • Enable support section – this is the list of admins / support agents that’ll be displayed.

The most important of these settings is the support section – the list of admins available for support. As far as the rest goes, you can assess yourself the extent to which you want other types of interaction to be allowed but in my opinion, the point of this support chat mode is to limit those interactions. That’s why I suggest turning off chat rooms and the user list

I hope this post gave you some interesting ideas on how to use Chatwee. Let me know if you tried any of my suggestions down in the comments.

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