How to Build an Online Community That Lasts

Building things takes time and effort, plenty of it. It only makes sense that you want the end product to last. Strong interpersonal bonds require a lot of commitment from all parties involved and aren’t forged overnight. Growing an online community is a project worthy of taking up but it’s easy to get discouraged once […]

Building an Online Community For Your Brand

If your brand enjoys at least moderate popularity, meaning you’re somewhat known locally, and maybe even beyond, you can be sure there are people out there discussing it daily. These are your fans, enthusiasts, advocates, constituting the core of your business. It would be irrational to not try and harness the potential lying within. Bringing […]

How to Monetize Your Online Community The Right Way

Building an online community is a tremendous effort in and of itself. However, once you accomplish it, the result can be very rewarding. It feels really amazing to win a following behind a theme or an idea that’s important to you. It’s empowering to know that what you believe in also resonates strongly with a […]

3 Fundamentals Of Starting And Keeping Your Online Community

The Internet has been providing a social platform for people from all over the world for years now. Visiting various music-related forums and chat rooms was something I was really excited about back in the late 90’s. Being able to connect and discuss stuff with people I had never met before was a novel and […]

How Hosting An Online Community Benefits You And Its Members

Online community benefits everyone involved in its creation and day to day operations. You may launch a website particularly for the purpose of attracting and growing a following, centered around a common interest or topic. You also may be a brand owner, who’d like his fans to have a place to come together and discuss […]

The IRL Introvert’s Guide to Socializing Online

Have you ever had this feeling of wanting to mingle while not really fancying going out? Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you don’t want to spend money on food and drinks. Or maybe the couch seemed extra cozy and you’d like someone to join you but at the same time keep […]

Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Online Forum

Online forums, despite having their shortcomings, have been a pretty great invention, really. Personally, I used to spend quite some time on a variety of them back in the days before social media blew up. I remember really looking forward to logging in and engaging with other community members on topics I’ve been passionate about. […]