The Best Slack Alternative For Team Communication (You Can Get For Free!)

Everybody knows Slack, right? The name has become synonymous with team collaboration, but is it really as good as it gets? Are there no worthy competitors in the field of business instant messaging? Well, Slack alternatives are aplenty, and Chatwee just so happens to be one of them. Hear me out as I’ll be making a case for why you should give it a try.

Slack’s popularity is no accident. I think we can all agree instant messaging is a more effective means for day to day communication within an organization or team of coworkers than email.

The statement holds true for a number of reasons. Live chat for business communication is:

a) faster than email

Seems like a bit of a stretch at first, but think about it. Using email, you probably need to switch tabs, or go to an external client, to view the message. All this is a distraction from work. Your instant messenger, on the other hand, will be a click away. By ‘faster’, I also mean that people will be compelled to reply to you in a more urgent manner, speeding up any process.

b) less formal

Instant messaging does away with lengthy subject lines, footers, introductions, closeouts, and instead allows you to focus on getting your message across. Sure, you can deformalize email, but it’s not really the best tool for snap communication.

c) more fun

Not only does an instant messenger allow you to interact with other team members quicker, it also lets you have a little bit of fun while you’re at it. Emoji, images and gifs can introduce some positive vibes into the conversation and help users bond.

Who’s instant messaging for?

Now, what are some of the groups that can benefit from using IMs the most?

Programmer teams

Content creation teams  

Finance teams exchanging data

Any teams that have the need to bounce ideas off each other quickly, or have brainstorming sessions

How can Chatwee facilitate team communication?

Alright, so how exactly does Chatwee one up email when it comes to speed and efficiency of communication? Here are some of the features that will make your team’s life easier without putting a strain on the company budget.

  • no limit on the number of messages or files you can upload
  • send downloadable photos and files instantly
  • arrange meetings
  • get quick authorization from superiors
  • pick each others’ brains
  • post company-wide announcements
  • export logs
  • entire team communication in a single channel

  • Free-forever plan if it suits you, plus clear-cut, flexible paid plans
  • cancel anytime and come back whenever you want – your account won’t be deleted
  • cloud-based app, so it doesn’t slow you down
  • free support

Final word on Slack alternatives

It appears Slack isn’t the alpha and omega of business instant messaging. There are definitely options out there, including Chatwee, which considering all the great features it offers, may just be the right fit for you.

Efficient communication is essential in any line of business, as it saves precious time and helps you get things done faster. Chatwee is easy to install, use, and you can have it absolutely for free, making it a riskless investment.

I suggest you sign up for an account today and claim your extended 30-day trial (it’s usually one week) of the Pro plan by contacting me at and referring to this post. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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