11 Best Undiscovered WP Plugins to Give Your Site a Boost

Blog posts discussing various popular WordPress plugins are innumerable. The problem with them is that you’re most likely already familiar with or tried many of the add-ons listed. New posts you see no longer bring new value to you. Well, I’m here to change that! For the purpose of this article, I decided to take a different angle. I thought: “the big fish are doing alright, why not give the little guys some shine?”. That said, here are 11 best undiscovered WordPress plugins out there.

Now, was there any particular key that I used to sift through the plugins? Not really. Well, I suppose I was on the lookout for add-ons that will make your site more social, user-oriented, if you will. That, plus a small number of installations were my defining conditions.

Some of them are simply interesting and original in themselves, so that’s a plus if you’re trying to make your website stand out.

OK, without further ado, I present to you 11 undiscovered WordPress plugins that will give your site a boost.

Opaque Teaser

Working on your new blog and trying to keep it under wraps, but at the same time dying to tell everyone about it? Get this plugin to put a translucent overlay that won’t reveal the details while you perfect the project.

Post Thesaurus

A useful little widget for all the writers out there, allowing you to search for related words while you’re on the ‘Add new post’ page. Make your vocabulary more sophisticated to impress the readers.

WP Database Fetch

Running a network of WordPress websites on the same hosting? Install this plugin to cross-promote their content

WP Custom Voting

Learn how well your posts and pages are sitting with the visitors. Set the position of the voting button and show the number of votes, which are IP-tracked.


This plugin lets you know how many people there currently are on your website. Enjoy the traffic you attract or take steps to increase it.


Detect visitors with AdBlock on and convert them into MailChimp subscribers or Facebook fans. The plugin also allows you to ask people coming in to your site to deactivate AdBlock.

Twitter Highlight

An interesting tool for all the social media geeks. It allows you to convert Twitter usernames, lists, and hashtags posted on the page into actual clickable links redirecting to the social network.

Jellyfish Invaders

A little something on the fun side. This plugin will show pixelated critters randomly floating around or zooming in on mouse clicks. A nice touch for retro gaming lovers.

Page Announcements

A neat plugin for you to display announcements on your posts and pages. Super easy to install and will definitely help you get your message across.

Responsive Checker

Install this plugin if you want to make sure your WordPress site looks great across different devices you may otherwise not have access too.


A live chat plugin with multiple chat rooms and private conversations that will get your audience going. Get it if you’re trying to build or already host an online community. Facilitate real time interaction and see the numbers grow.

Final word

Trying out new things is an essential part of life. Go ahead, log in to your WordPress Dashboard and take some of these plugins for a spin.

There’s something for any type of website on the list. The plugins I handpicked will help you be remembered, create better content, learn about your audience, and communicate in real time.

How much more encouragement do you need?! Go for it! 

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