Simple Office Productivity Hack For Better Communication

The office, and I’m not talking about the hilarious TV series (or am I?), can get pretty hectic. Different personalities at various positions in the pecking order interact with each other on a daily basis making internal communication an intrinsic part of everyday operations. That being said, all the digital and face to face conversations are one of the aspects any business can improve in. Here’s a simple office productivity hack you can implement immediately.

What are two of the most indispensable tools for any company these days? I believe them to be a website and email.

The former is a front for the customer, the latter a communication tool, also for the business team members. How efficient is it at performing its role, though? Is it the ultimate solution in that regard?

Email certainly is an amazing invention, I mean, how else would it become so popular? Still, the modern workplace communication patterns are changing and it’s worth looking into whether your day to day exchanges could somehow be supercharged and made more efficient.

Office productivity solution

The office productivity boosting tool I’d like to discuss here is none other than live chat. Well, a workplace instant messaging platform, to be more precise.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Slack, and maybe even considered implementing an app like that at your company but have you ever wondered what exactly can you do with it?

The affordable, no-frills team communication solution I’d like to suggest is Chatwee. You can easily install it on your company website and start communicating faster right away.

Perks and guidelines

Chatwee is an excellent email alternative for internal business communication, as well as engaging with your website visitors.

The app allows its users to deliver small bits of information, brief instructions, provide quick feedback, get authorization, and more – essentially, perform minor yet important tasks that would’ve otherwise be creating unnecessary email backlog. Chatwee can help you push projects forward and facilitate the day to day operations of your office.

The communication can occur via one to one chats, in groups, or public and private chat rooms which can serve as channels dedicated to particular projects, issues, or topics.

Team communication doesn’t have to be strictly business either. Although it’s important to understand how to use an instant messaging app for business efficiently, it’s also a good idea to provide some room for a bit of social chatter leading to a better team cohesion.

Final word

Office productivity can be easily boosted by replacing work email with an instant messaging app as many businesses are doing these days. Using Chatwee, you can do everything you can with email and more.

It’s a real-time communication platform for your team members and to get your website visitors engaged. You can sign up for it in under a minute and give it a try today.

What’s stopping you?

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