How to Add Live Chat Box for Wix is providing a website building platform to over 46 million users in 190 countries. The figures are blasting. 45,000 people join Wix on average every single day to create their websites and add dozens of features including social plug-ins, eCommerce and community forums through Wix-developed and third-party applications. Like almost every leading website builder platforms, including Wix allows embed code, and therefore Chatwee becomes at once more popular among users of the platform.

This material is for anyone who has or plans to have a Wix site and would like to add a live chat room to boost engagement.

Get Chatwee code for free

Installing the chat is no different from a typical copy-paste code. If you have not yet established a free Chatwee account, just go to and fill out a registration form. After a successful registration, you will be redirected to the main page of the Chatwee Control Panel, where on top you will see the box with the script. Make sure that you copied all the code in the box and follow to the next step.

Embed chat to Wix site

Log in to your Wix account and click ‘Edit Site’ button. After a short while you will find yourself in Wix HTML5 Editor. Click the big ‘Plus’ button from the menu on the left. From the toolbar that has appeared, select ‘Apps’ and after that pick HTML.

Although, the new HTML object has been added yet it must be complemented by the code. For this purpose, choose ‘HTML Code’ from drop-down menu with ‘Mode’ label and finally paste the Chatwee script into the big box below. Please note that you can additionally check the ‘Show on all pages’ option, just to make sure that the chat widget will appear on all pages of your site.

After all, press ‘Update’ button and save all the changes to be able to refresh the page and see the chat window in action.


Once your chat is ready, it will be worth refer to the dozens of possible options and configurations, simply – to fit it better.
Go back to Chatwee Control Panel where we have started at the very beginning, then pick Customize from the main menu.

Here you find all the options to configure in your own way divided into separate sections. In the General section, for instance, you can set and display a unique name for the chat, enable or disable the users list, or even turn the chat window form in the chat box.

The following sections you will set the appearance of the chat, authentication methods, safety issues and finally appoint administrators. In short, a lot of things to look at and try out on own way.


A series of articles devoted to the integration of Chatwee with popular platforms one the web slowly coming to an end. In the next days I will present two more solutions for other equally interesting web builders platforms. Traditionally, feel free to ask questions in the comments and to familiarize yourself with support on our website in case of any help needed. Stay tuned!

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