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Last reports says that short-form blogs are still doing very well. Wiki informs that as of May 1, Tumblr – the world leading microblogging platform hosted over 184 million blogs. Despite being only a simple-form blog service, Tumblr has a great feature which allows to edit the HTML code, thus embedding a chat widget like Chatwee is not a problem at all.

This article reveals the simple step-guide how to add chat system to Tumblr blog.

Adding our chat box to Tumblr doesn’t require any programming skills or installing any plugins. Thanks to HTML editor in which the Tumblr platform is equipped, you can easily copy-paste the code snippet, which in turn will enable the widget on your blog right away. But first we need to get a Chatwee code.

Get a Chatwee chat code

All you have to do is to get on board with by creating a free account. After registration you will be redirected to your control panel which will be your management center for conducting all the settings and adjustments. For now we only need to grab the script be simply coping it to clipboard from the box in Chatwee Code
section and we can move on to the next step.

Install the chat code in Tumblr

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard and go to Customize page. Next click Edit HTML from the sidebar on the left. The HTML Editor should be opened by now and we just need to find the right spot in the HTML markup to paste our code. Scroll down at the very bottom and place the code just above closing <body> tag. Click the ‘Update Preview’ button. The chat window should now become visible in the preview area on the right. At this point just save your changes and you can once again check your chat widget appearance going to your blog homepage.


Customize your chat widget

The chat window is working of course on its default settings. Fortunately, you have an unlimited access to Chatwee control panel which is equipped with dozens of settings what make sure you will be able match your widget perfectly for the final presence and functionality. To play with all those features return to Chatwee dashboard or simply go through that link. Choose a ‘Customize’ from the menu on the left and start messing around. Every time you save the settings, you can check the results by refreshing your page where the chat is included.


Further support

I do not want to leave you coping with the installation and settings alone, so in case of any questions or troubleshooting, I recommend you to visit our Support Forum where you will find a plenty of tutorials and topics on our chat system.

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