Sending Files in the Chat – Share Your Photos, Gifs, and Videos

Sometimes words alone are not enough for successful communication, collaboration and sharing of ideas. Chatwee, aside from having a traditional text-based chat window, also has several ways to enrich the communication between members of a community. It is possible to share images, videos, gifs, and other types of files in the chat, add emojis, and record short audio messages within the chat application. In the short guide below we will show you how to share files, enable or disable the option of sending files in the chat, and present a couple more features related to displaying media in chat conversations.

There are quite a few options related to files aside from enabling file transfer and audio messages. It is also possible to enable emojis and emoji reactions or enable video thumbnails when clips are shared using a link. All of these will make your chat the perfect space for sharing and communicating among members of your community or during online events.

Media sharing options and more

To enable or disable options related to files, go to your Dashboard, click Customize, and then proceed to the Chatting experience category. Here you can find options such as: Enable file sharing and Enable audio messages, but also additional features such as enabling emojis, enabling a visual message editor, or switching on media preview, which allows you to see thumbnails of videos, images, and gifs posted using a link.

Dashboard -> Customize -> Chatting experience. Here you can find options related to sending files in a chat.

Sending files in the chat and recording messages

Sending files is very easy and can be done in just a few clicks. Join a chatroom or a private conversation in the chat. Next, in the message box you will find three icons: a paperclip, an emoji, and a microphone.

Icons used for sending files in a chat.

To share a file, click the paperclip icon in the chat box and choose a file from your computer. Any file can be transferred as long as its size doesn’t exceed 2MB. This doesn’t apply to images – nowadays photos are quite large in size, so we decided to rescale them automatically. This makes the uploading process easier and faster. If you share a file via a link, it won’t be counted into the limit at all – more about links in the next part of the post.

To send an emoji or add it to your message, click the emoji icon and choose a picture you’d like to add. If you’d like to send a reaction to someone’s message, click the emoji displayed under the chosen message bubble. You can also react to posts by sending a reaction gif or an image – use the paperclip icon or send a link to the particular file.

To record a short audio message within the chat, click the microphone icon, record your message, and click to send it. You can also delete the recording and make a new one.

The recordings are posted in the chatroom and can be downloaded.

Sharing links and files uploaded to external services

As mentioned earlier, you can send links to files instead of uploading them to the chat directly. If you enable thumbnails, these files will be shown in the chat instead of the address and they will not count towards the file sharing limit. In the case of videos, image thumbnails will be displayed.

Speaking of links, it is possible to turn specific phrases into links automatically when they’re used in messages. Click here to see our post about custom linking – a very handy option for quick sharing of links to useful posts, websites, or favorite content.

Available plans and limits of file sharing

The file sharing option is available with all the plans, including the Free one. You can register here and request a trial of any paid plan in case you’d like to try out other features that Chatwee has to offer. If you’d like to find out more about our subscriptions and the pay-per-use option, please visit our website. There is a chat demo that you can use for testing, but we encourage you to sign up and see how it works from the inside. 🙂

We hope that our chat app and its media sharing options will help you create a perfect space for online communication. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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