Chatwee Goes Mobile: New Responsive

Chatwee proudly presents whole new responsive website. This the first of the three-step program that aims to adapt our chat platform for mobile devices. This is the first of three planned phases of the program, which aims to adapt our chat platform for mobile devices.

Before testing you can take a quick glimpse at the mobile view of Chatwee web page presented on the screnshots below.


A three-step Going Mobile program

To meet the growing needs of our customers started to work on the adaptation of the whole platform Chatwee for mobile devices. The first stage, the implementation responsiveness, is already behind us. The next two steps will apply strictly the chat.

Currently we are working on proper displaying the chat widget in all browsers on mobile devices. We already have completed project according to which we implement changes to the code. I hope that soon I will have the pleasure to inform you about the completion of the second phase of work. Meanwhile, have a look at one of the sketches:

At the same time, we ordered production of separate applications for Android and Apple iOS. This will be the third phase of the implementation of Chatwee mobile, which is indeed the most distant in time, but we do our best to be done as soon as possible.


Inside responsive

First, we decided to focus on responsiveness website. Now, new visitors can conveniently refer to the offer of our chat service, browse and find easily listed features and receive support at any time.


Control Panel always at hand

However, the key task was to adjust the control panel, so that our customers could manage their chat system from anywhere outside the office or home. From now on, with your smartphone or tablet at hand, you are able at any time not only change the skin or customize a welcome cloud, but you area able to remove unwanted content and ban abusers in efficient and convenient way.

We encourage you to test and review Chatwee new responsive web page. Let me know, if you find any bug. See you soon in another one of the article series titled Chatwee Goes Mobile.

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