Chat mod for Simple Machines Forum (SMF) Software

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is another great example of PHP internet forum software. Moreover, it is free, and features does not differ from other popular forum solutions. What we value SMF at most  is the fact that in a friendly way, you can create and add your own modifications. Why not add a shoutbox for SMF forum to accelerate a communication a bit?

In this tutorial we share how to install chat mod for Simple Machines Forum software.

SMF chat module integration guide

  1. Download the SMF chat mod to your local hard drive
  2. Login to your Simple Machines Forum admin dashboard, hover the mouse over the Admin in the main menu and click Package Manager.Chat for SMF Package Manager
  3. From the Package Manager menu below go to Download Packages page.Chat for Simple Machines Download
  4. Upload the downloaded zip file and click Upload button on the right. Please note that, you can use other methods available there by e.g. providing the direct link to the chat module, but the key here is to get your package uploaded on the server. Choose the one that suits you.Chat for SMF Forum Upload
  5. After your chat mod is successfully uploaded you need to install it so  return to Browse Packages page.SMF Chat Module Browse
  6. Below you will see your Modification Packages list. Search for Chatwee Plugin and click Install Mod on the right. Your smf chat room will be installed within a second.Install SMF Chat Mod
  7. You should see a success page and after a while you will be redirected to the chat module setup page.Chat Module for SMF Installed
  8. Register a new account on to get a fresh chat module installation code. Copy and paste it to a specific box in SMF shoutbox configuration page (from the previous step) just like on the last screen beneath. Don’t forget to Save your changes after all. html-code-chat-widget

That’s all! Go to your forum and enjoy a brand new chat widget on your forum.

Chat Mod Adjustments ans Settings

Sign in to Chatwee Control Panel and go to Customize section to check for all the goodies we provide. Numerous of features are available from general settings, through skinning ending on advanced privacy settings and moderation.

As always our support staff will guide you through the customization if you have any questions and concerns. Use the direct contact form or reach us us via our chat widget located on!


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