Chatwee Monthly Update: August 2014

Two months of hard work and the new features are finally brought to you. On 23rd August we have started to implement a new version of our chat system. Contrary to appearances, it was a very complex operation, and not without difficulties, which we hope fortunately are behind us.

So, what features do you get within the new chat service version? Feel free to look at them in this article.

Chatwee app goes mobile

Definitely this is our number one! This chat version has been planned from a long time. Now Chatwee is available for all major mobile devices with a responsive design and increased performance.

We tried to make our mobile chat light and intuitive for users. We have optimized the code and CSS without losing the attractiveness of the appearance and preservation of all functionalities.

Responsive Chat for Mobile Devices

Pop-out chat

This feature allows you and your users to open chat in separate window. For those who like keeping things separated it’s a comfortable way to chat and explore the website, having the chat opened in a new browser window.

You can locate the pop-out button easily in the right-bottom corner of the chat window and when pressed, it will open in a new window of your browser, disappearing from the website at the same time.

Of course, this functionality is optional, it can be enabled/disabled at any time in the Control Panel on the General tab. You can also define your own sizes of the pop-out chat window.

Pop-out chat window


Is your internet connection lost for while or did you just wake up and open your laptop as usual to check messages from the previous day? Just forget about browser refreshing. Now your chat window will refresh automatically as soon as you get online again.

Tab synchronization

So far chat appear in only one bookmark. When you opened a new tab on the same page, the chat does not load up. This issue has been resolved. Now you can work on as many tabs as you want, chat is fully synchronized.

Private chatting in chatbox

We’ve added the ability to conduct private conversations to chat boxes. Now the chat in this form is complete as compared to the function in the fixed mode. You can also view users preview window by hovering his avatar on the list.

Private conversations in a single chat window can also be implemented in the fixed mode. If enabled, private chat window will not appear separately. To switch to this view simply uncheck “Enable private conversations in separate windows” in the Messages tab.

New buttons in renewed menu for moderators & users

New menu is not only a new, more intuitive button and improved appearance. Now users can simply ignore private messages by checking the right option.

Moderators can use “Hide me on users list” option. Now you can watch what is happening in the chat, and does not participate in the discussion.

Admins have also been equiped with the Control Panel button, which opens chat Control Panel in the new browser window. It lets you getting directly to your dashboard much quicker than usual.

Advanced privacy features in Control Panel

When visiting Customize section in Control Panel you may find a bunch of new options to set in Privacy tab. First, it is possible now to enter your own Guest names list. For those who are borede with ‘guest Jones’ or ‘guest Kendall’ – you can be as much creative as you wish, for example by providing your favorite game or movie characters or just be more thematically related to your website.

You can also manage guest posting rights by allow or disallow guests to send messages. The proper checkbox is situated next to your guests list. You can also go even further, disable public chat for all users if necessary.

New translations: Slovak & Kurdish

Thanks to our customers Chatwee is available now in Slovak and Kurdish. Thus, our application is currently available in 18 languages​​. If your language is missing and you would like to help with translation, please let us know, we’ll send you an array to translate.

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