Install PHP Chat Plugin for vBulletin Forum

vBulletin is one of the leading Internet forum software written in PHP. Some time ago we published a chat plugin that allows integration with this popular community software. Now it’s time to introduce how to install our chat for vBulletin forum and give some tips to newbies in Chatwee.

This article tells how to install chat plugin for vBulletin forum.

Chat plugin for vBulletin step-by-step installation

  1. Download the vBulletin Chat Plugin and extract the zip file to your local drive
  2. Login to vBulletin Admin Control PanelvBulletin Control Panel
  3. From the menu on the left expand Plugins & Products and click Add New Plugin and upload a XML file previously extracted from zip archive  Add Chat Plugin for vBulletin
  4. Now expand Settings from the menu and click OptionsSetup Chat Plugin vBulletin
  5. Choose Chatwee Settings from the box on the right and click Edit SettingsvBulletin Chat Plugin Settings
  6. Register an account on, copy and paste Chatwee installation code to Chatwee Plugin Settings area om Admin Control Panelhtml-code-chat-widget

Chat Plugin Customization

Our social chat software includes substantial number of features which can be used in different ways. Log in to Chatwee Control Panel and click Customize section from the main menu. Depending on what the settings should apply to navigate through the Tabs available: General, Messages, Welcome Cloud, Colors & Fonts, Privacy, Moderators and Ban List.

vBulletin Customize Chat PluginIn case of any support needed regarding the chat service, please use the contact form or chat with us via our chat widget!


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