phpBB chat mod in forum software – installation quide

phpBB is an open source forum software written in the PHP language. Like other forum software, phpBB also includes the ability to implement plugins. Thus, communication can be performed not only by threads/posts publication, but also different chat mods/shoutboxes can be used.

This article reveals complete installation guide of Chatwee chat mod for phpbb forum software.

How to install chat in phpbb forum

Before going any further with the phpBB chat mod setup, any phpBB forum requires AutoMOD to be installed in in your forum software.  In short AutoMOD is a tool designed to parse and automatically install MODX MODifications for phpBB3. It also has the ability to uninstall MODs.

  1. Download Chatwee chat MOD for phpBB forum software to your local computer.
  2. Log in to your Administration Control Panel and navigate to AUTOMOD tab.phpbb chat mod automod
  3. Click Browse, search for your mod on your local hard drive (a downloaded zip file) and hit the Upload button. You will be forwarded to a success page, so click the Return to AutoMOD link after mod for phpbb3 upload
  4. From the Uninstalled MODs section search for Chatwee Plugin and click Install in the ACTIONS column.

    install chat for phpbb

  5. Go to GENERAL tab and click the Board features link under the Board configuration on the left.phpBB shoutbox board features
  6. Register new Chatwee account on to get the installation code.embed-chat-html-code
  7. Copy and paste this unique code into Chatwee Configuration section. Click Submit button beneath to save your changes.install chat in phpbb code


That’s it! You have just installed own phpBB chat mod into your forum software. Try to refresh your webpage to see if the chat window appears correctly.


phpBB chat mod – customization and support

Finally, you can return to Chatwee dashboard to make all the customizations needed like adjusting color scheme, setting privacy and authorization options and appoint moderator roles. Lots of features there can be used to configure your phpBB chat mod accuratelly in your forum like you want.

As usual I invite you to asking questions on our live chat, in comments and even directly via our contact form. We are always eager to help!


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