Chatwee Chat Extension for Joomla!

At the end of January, we reported the release of Chatwee chat plugin for WordPress. Thus began the gradual process of developing extensions, modules and plugins of our chat platform for most popular CMS. Now it’s time to welcome a brand new chat extension for Joomla!.

Therefore, I invite you to read this short installation guide which will get you familiar with best practices.


The Joomla! Chat Extension

Now you can freely download our chat system for websites based on Joomla! and install it in a simple and convenient way. Although there is already over a dozen chat solutions in The Joomla! Extensions Directory, we believe that Chatwee really stand out by a multitude of functionalities and versatility from others. You can use our plugin as a chat room to your website or blog, you can also create events and even use it as a commenting system. It is easy to add chat to any container, anywhere on the page, but it can be also embedded as a tab on the bottom of the page.

Key features of the chat are listed on the official Chatwee extension page. If your current chat solution could not satisfy your needs or if you are looking for some special functionality, you can read all about chat features here before downloading. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there!


Ok, you’re interested in installing the chat on your Joomla website, that’s great. It only takes a few minutes. First you need to download the Chatwee extension. To do this, go to The Joomla! Extensions Directory , click Advanced Search, enter & search for  Chatwee. Viewing your search result the Chatwee extension page opens. Click here if you want to go to the Chatwee chat extension page directly.

On the extension page you can find not only general information, and listed functionalities but also links to the download page, support forum and demo version. Click the Download button and you will get the extension download page opened in new tab. You can also find a chat download page by clicking here.

You are on Chatwee integration page now where all the currently available plugins and modules for CMS can be found. Download the right .zip file on your computer.

Installing extension for Joomla!

First, log in to to the administrative area of your Joomla website. Open the Extensions section and go to Extension Manager. Joomla! extensions can be installed in three different ways. You can choose any method which will be most convenient for you. Below I present the all three of them:

Upload Package File

This is one of the most convenient options available. All you need to do is hit the Browse button, browse to the location of your extension’s archive on your local computer, and press the Upload & Install button.

Install from Directory

Once you have uploaded the extension directory to your hosting account, go to the Extensions Manager and specify the path to that folder. Finally, press the Install button. Joomla 3 will check the folder you’ve specified and install the extension if it is uploaded correctly.

Install from URL

The third available option for Joomla extensions installation is directly though an URL. All you need to do is to enter the direct address of the zip archive with the extension you want to install and press the Install button. Joomla 3 will download, extract and make the necessary installations for you.

Get the Chatwee code

Last step needs to be done. You need to obtain a uniqe script code. In order to do that go to and register free. Remember, to provide the correct URL of yout website during the registration process, so our tracking system couldverify the code and thus display the chat. You will also receive access to advanced control panel, where you will later have to customize and set a number of options and manage your chat and account.

Anyway after registration, you will be redirected to dashboard, where you will see the code to copy. Paste the script code into special place in your extension you have just installed and… that would be all. Chat window should appear after you refresh your webpage. Return to Control Panel  in order to customize dozens of settings.


Getting Support

All matters relating to our chat platform can be reported on our support forum. You will find answers to frequently asked questions and many valuable tutorials. I also encourage you to participate in the discussion about present and future functionalities.

In case you can always reach us through the contact form.

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