16 Useful Online Resources and Productivity Tools for Digital Marketers

The role of a digital marketer is one of those roles where the task at hand is constantly changing. One minute you could be analysing your campaign and its performance, the next you could be creating content for your next product. It’s easy to lose focus or to become unproductive when concentrating on too many unique things. Here are fifteen tools to streamline your day, allowing you to achieve more with your time.


Crowdfire is a unique and interesting tool that helps you gain followers incredibly easily on both Facebook and Instagram. All the followers gained are organic, and you can even automate direct mail to users as well as scheduling posts. You can even follow your competitor’s list of followers in just a few clicks.


This unique and valuable tool grants you the exclusive ability to analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies, both organically and paid. With this information, you’ll be able to refine your digital marketing campaign, resulting in a boost up the search engine results page. You’ll also be analysis over 800 million keywords to ensure you’re using the best on each post you upload.


A group live chat app that facilitates real-time communication between team members. It accelerates and eases the process of electronic correspondence. The plugin is a more convenient alternative to email exchanges.


Easily one of the leading social media management platforms, HootSuite allows you to view all your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram engagement and analytical data, all from one easy to use dashboard. You’ll also be able to manage your team and increase productivity while working together on projects seamlessly.

State of Writing

As a digital marketer, one of your most important tasks will be creating content for your content marketing campaign. This process needs to be as efficient and as high-quality as possible. State of Writing provides you with extensive guidelines, ensuring that content creation is quick and the best it can be.


No productivity list would be complete without the mention of Evernote. This outstanding tool allows you to take notes in the form of text, video or image, add contributors and other members of your teams to your ‘notebooks’, and you can easily create to-do lists for everybody to follow. What’s more, the app seamlessly syncs across all of your devices.


Slack is renowned for being one of the popular collaboration team-communication apps around. Available on both desktop computers and mobile devices, you can keep up to date with the rest of your team while benefitting from the ability to effortlessly send and receive all kinds of documents you may need.

Big Assignments

In need of content for your campaign fast? Use Big Assignments to be connected to a range of expert writers who can create high-quality content on your behalf to match your exact specifications and requirements.


The leading platform when it comes to cloud-based sharing, there are multiple plans available on Dropbox, allowing you to easily share documents and files of any size with the rest of your team. The site prides itself on its high level of security, meaning you could host your entire project in the Cloud, ensuring it’s available to your entire team whenever they may need it.


Need to know what hashtags and topics are trending for your next content post? Hashtagify allows you to search individual niches and industries, allowing you to easily see what readers are reading in real-time, ensuring your content posts are up to date and relevant.


Easily one of the most popular email marketing clients, you’ll be able to manage all of your email subscribers, create dedicated and precise mailing lists and automate your strategies to perfection. For a sense of scale, MailChimp is responsible for sending over 10 billion emails per month.

Paper Fellows

Writing content is time-consuming and can draw your attention from other tasks. Signing up to Paper Fellows grants you exclusive access to a community of professional writers who can share their advice and techniques to ensure this task is as painless as possible.


If you’re using WordPress to host your website, CoSchedule is a convenient little plugin that acts as an editorial calendar, ensuring that your content marketing campaign is well organised and consistent for your readers. Not using WordPress? Don’t worry; the app can also work standalone.

Google Adwords

An essential tool in any content marketer’s inventory, Adwords is the best place to find the most effective keywords for your content posts and pages, ensuring that you reach the top of the Google search engine results page.


As a digital marketer, you’ll already be fully aware of the importance imagery has when it comes to a successful content marketing campaign. However, you’ll also know that imagery, or graphic designers, can be expensive. Canva eliminates this worry, allowing you to create high-quality images, quotes and infographics, ideal for boosting engagement rates and your online presence.


The perfect tool to assist you in your proofreading and editing processes when it comes to content creation, Grammarly will highlight all kinds of essential errors in your work, improving your quality, accuracy and credibility as a business.

Final word

By finding the right balance of using tools and hard work, you can refine, redefine and optimise your digital marketing campaigns, ensuring that you can stay organised, focused, productive while completing all your work to the highest quality, taking your business to new levels of success.



Sharon Conwell has been a content marketer and ghost writer at over 20 online projects. She’s specializing in content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby. Feel free to contact her on her blog MyWritingWay.com

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