How to install chat service in Typepad

Typepad service is considered as a blogging platform for non-technicians equipped with rich additional features like mobile blogging, photo albums and theme editor. Individual support is always at close hand in case of any requests. All these comforts make Typepad attractive to many companies and media organizations such as ABC or MSNBC. The mentioned above theme editor allows to insert third-party services like Chatwee chat widget to your Typepad blog.

This article reveals the installation procedure of our chat service in Typepad.

Register for Chatwee to get a code

First, you need to copy the individual Chatwee script from Control Panel after logging in on If you are not registered already, sign up for Chatwee – it’s free.


Select the code snippet from the box on the Code page and copy it to clipboard, you will need this soon. Skip to Typepad in a new browser tab.



Injecting the Code in Typepad Panel

Log in to Typepad dashboard and choose Design from the main menu.

Typepad Design

Next select Content from the left sidebar.

Typepad Content

From the Modules box pick Embed your Own HTML and click Add this module.

Typepad embed html chat module

Enter Chatwee to Label field and finally paste your code in HTML section below.

Typepad chat html code

Save your changes and view your website preview. Chat widget will appear right after you refresh your website.

Customizing your chat service

After successful installation you may return to Control Panel in order to conduct some customizations. In case of any questions or troubleshooting we encourage you to visit our support FAQ forum and brand new integration center.


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