How to Embed Facebook-like Chat Plugin Into Cotonti Site

Cotonti is the PHP Content Management System based on open-source targeted for online communities, business and personal sites. With its set of modules Cotonti can serve as a software for blogs, E-commerce, newspapers, gaming clans, corporate portals, etc. We have just issued a separate chat plugin ready to be embedded for this community software.

This article covers how to install Chatwee chat module for Cotonti.

Step-by-step Installation Manual

  1. Download the Cotonti chat plugin
  2. Extract files and copy the chat plugin into Cotonti plugins directory
  3. Go to Administration panel / Extensions / Chatwee and install the plugin
  4. Register to and copy your code from Control Panel
  5. Paste Chatwee code to plugin’s Configuration
  6. Add {CHATWEE} tag to YOUR_THEME/footer.tpl file


Further Customization & Support

Chatwee can be easily customized in Control Panel on Chatwee website. You can adjust dozens of settings including:

  1. Creating a list of moderators/admins
  2. Banning abusers and spammers
  3. Giving a name to your social chat, displaying it in the header to become more recognizable
  4. Choosing your own background, border and text colors using simple color-picker tool
  5. Setting your own invitation in your message input like ‘Hello. Say something…’
  6. Reviewing your chat activity statistics like number of visitors, messages sent and many many more

Always up-to-date full list of features is available here.

If you need further support you can search the Support Forum for any topics, talk to support staff on chat or reach support directly via contact form.



Official Chat Plugin Site on Cotonti:
Chatwee Home:
Features List:
Chatwee Support Center:
Chatwee Integration Center:
Direct Chat Plugin Download:

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