A Major Chatwee Update Has Arrived

Steady growth and improvement is a way healthier goal than the pursuit of perfection. In the end, it’s also more achievable and still yields realistic results. Even though Chatwee has been a finished product for quite some time now, we still listen to your feedback and strive to improve the app. Take a moment to see what’s changed and what new features have been introduced in the most recent update.

App performance

For starters, we moved to better, more stable servers to ensure greater stability and uptime of the chat. This, at times, had been a point of concern for a number of users, and understandably so. We appreciate all your patience so far and believe the move will serve everyone involved better in the long run.   

Voice messages

This one’s a big one.

You can now send 10-second long voice messages, although keep in mind that the feature is disabled by default for all the existing accounts, while enabled for anyone who just signed up recently.  

voice messages

This function makes our social hub even more interactive and allows your community members to engage in new ways. 

Desktop notifications

Another new feature we’ve introduced that a number of you have been asking for are desktop notifications for messages posted in the public chat room, these are also disabled by default for all the existing accounts, while turned on for those who just signed up recently.  

push chat notifications

With this feature on, it’s easier to keep up with the conversation going on in the chat, especially if you’re busy doing other stuff at the same time.

Chat message length

By popular demand, we’ve increased the number of characters allowed for a single chat message to 2,000 and added a counter, something you’ve probably already noticed yourself.

message character counter

Anti spammers measure

Trolls and spammers can be a real nuisance for any online community. As far as we know, our clients have been enjoying relatively hassle free chat environments, however, we’ve decided to introduce another feature to help you keep the community clean.

From now on you can restrict proxy users from accessing the chat, however, please keep in mind that we the feature’s on, it may slow down the app a bit.

proxy restriction

Extra security measure

Our app is quite flexible in a number of ways. For instance, if you happen to run several sites, all catering to the same community, you can sign up for a single account with us and use the installation code provided to display the same chat across all those sites. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to prevent anyone from potentially stealing your chat and putting it up on their site for whatever reason, you can define the sole domains authorized to display your instance of the app. 

domain restriction

Reaching user limit

Yet another interesting, stats-based feature we’ve introduced is now available in your Dashboard home screen and the Analytics tab.

It’s called Instances of reaching user limit and it tells you how many times there was a situation where access to the chat was denied to a user because your plan’s capacity was already reached.

This is something you may want to keep an eye on to sustain the growth of your community. As you can see, this number can get pretty huge for some of our clients. EMOJI

chat user limit

But wait, there’s more!

All these new features went live and we’re still not done with improvements!

A couple more are being developed as you read this. Soon, your Chatwee will also allow you to:

  • choose a distinct set of emoji for your community 
  • do your own CSS chat customization in Dashboard
  • receive email notifications for private messages sent while a registered user was offline

We’ll be letting you know about the release in due time.

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