Chrome Extensions For GMail To Level Up Your Account

Personally, I owe a lot to email in professional terms. Many of my daily activities involve email. From freelance commissions, to messages from clients, to task updates sent by our project management platform – they all go through my inbox. I often find myself baffled upon learning that certain individuals only check their email once every couple of days, or only when expecting a message to arrive, which I then have to remind myself is perfectly fine after all. If, however, you’re anything like me, you might be interested in a bunch of Chrome extensions for GMail that will help you get more out of your account.

Email has become a cornerstone of modern business. It’s grown to be so much more than just a communication tool. I imagine inboxes of many professionals to be extremely hectic places that require some level taming.

Why Gmail?

Now, there are many email clients available out there. According to Litmus Labs, GMail sits at the top of the clients worldwide, and as of November 2018, is second only to Apple iPhone by 1%. Since I made a switch from whichever platform I had been using before in, I want to say 2011, I’ve been happy with the service and never looked back.

Recently, Google rolled out a decent update including quick Actions upon hovering your mouse over a thread plus a Calendar, a Keep, and a Tasks list on the right. On top of that, you now also have some basic canned responses available directly in the thread to help you reply faster, although I haven’t used a single one of them yet, as I need to be more personal and humane to the people I interact with.

Why Chrome?

Chances are, if you’re using GMail, your go-to browser will be Chrome. As per Statista, it’s been a leading desktop Internet browser for years now. Thus, it makes perfect sense to develop a list of extensions intended for these two platforms, which go together like hot wings and coleslaw.

(G)email is here to stay, so why not try and improve your experience with it? Regardless of whether you’re a marketing manager, a freelancer, or just a regular individual using GMail for personal purposes, here are 7 Chrome extensions that will help you step your game up.

Note: Hit up Chrome Web Store to get these.

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is another productivity tool that saves you time on repetitive tasks and helps you to send better emails, in less time consistently. Once you install the Right Inbox app you’ll immediately gain two levels up of time-saving, productivity-improving tools.

Features that help you be more effective at communication like Signatures, Templates, Sequences and Add GIF sit right beneath the subject line, one click away while you compose the email. At the bottom, you’ll find smart features like Send Later, CRM Sync, Private Notes, Reminders and Recurring – ready to use before hitting Send.


Looking for a way to stand out in the eyes of your addressee? Want to come off as a professional? Install WiseStamp and get yourself a neat, custom email signature!

You can adjust the size, font, colors, add photo and social media links, include quotes or tweets, and more. Email footer is a great opportunity to convey crucial information about yourself or your business. Make sure you invest well in this prime digital real estate.

This Gmail extension is way more than the name suggests. is a comprehensive productivity suite designed to augment the way you use your email account.

Once you install it, you’ll be able to set follow-up reminders, track emails, look up contacts, schedule emails, and send automated follow-ups. A must-have for any professional using email on a daily basis.


Here’s another productivity tool offering a slew of features allowing you to get the most out of your email, with special focus put on message scheduling.

Boomerang will let you send emails at a later date, even when you’re offline, track messages, schedule reminders, get read-receipts, and pause incoming messages to avoid distractions, among other things. It even employs an AI-powered assistant analyzing the contents of your email.


Here we have another email tracking Gmail extension because, well, that’s a pretty useful feature. YesWare allows you to see who opened your messages and clicked on the links included.

This extension may come in handy especially for smaller sales teams which may not have a major CRM system installed, as it allows you to measure the open, click, and response rates of your campaigns. Also available are integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce email and calendar.

Batch Reply

Tired of having to click through multiple email threads just to send the same reply? Fix this with Batch Reply!

All you have to do is select the conversations you want to reply to and click the Reply button at the top of the screen. Done, time saved.

Auto Text Expander

Yet another time-saving extension for Gmail. If you send a lot of emails, chances are you’re using a number of recurring phrases.

What it does is it allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts. Simple Javascript recognizes whether your most recent set of consecutive keystrokes matches any of the custom shortcuts you defined and expands and replaces the text as you type.


Receiving a lot of attachments across many email threads can get problematic. Ever wished there was a way to conveniently manage them? Enter Dittach.

The extension helps you search, browse and delete attachments in Gmail, including mass cleaning of up to 50 threads while keeping the actual messages.


On the face of it, email isn’t anything too sophisticated, but you may be surprised at how easily you can expand its features, thus making it a way more powerful professional tool.

For the purpose of this post, I tried to pick extensions that actually do something for you and aren’t just there to make your inbox look fancier.

Introduce some freshness into your email game and maximize the opportunities it provides by installing some of these Gmail Chrome extensions today.

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