Effective Team Communication Made Possible With Live Chat

Effective team communication is absolutely crucial if any project is to be completed, period. It takes a team effort to get things done, and social skills play a very important role in the process. People involved in a particular task need to have a high level of innate social aptness, however, they also need means to employ it. A platform to collaborate, exchange ideas and pick each others’ brains in a swift manner. Group live chat fits the description of the platform just right and is definitely an enhancer when it comes to effective team communication.

The topic at hand is especially important for remote teams, whose popularity is on the rise. Some estimates predict over half of the workforce working this way by 2020. I seem to be familiar with this first-hand. It’s amazing how I’ve grown to appreciate people who can express their thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner, without actually being able to face you.

Effective team communication is at the core of any successful group, though, regardless of the members’ physical location. People based at the same office building, occupying different rooms, can still make use of a real-time communication tool like live chat.

An addition like that can make the exchange of information more fun and efficient, as well as help foster stronger relations between team members, which may be another underappreciated facet of successful groups.

Alright, it’s been mostly theory so far. Let’s now take a closer look at how exactly live chat makes effective team communication a reality.

How live chat facilitates effective team communication

So, what does ‘effective’ mean in this context, anyway? How do you define this goal, that you’re presumably trying to reach? What aspects of your daily dealings are you trying to improve?

Effective team communication may not be easy to define, although you’ll know for sure when it’s not that. ‘Effective’ will include qualities like speedy, to the point, independent of people’s location, and getting the job done, that is expressive enough for all parties involved to understand clearly.

Some of these factors will depend on team members’ innate social and communication skills, others on facilitating, external tools.

The point I’m trying to prove here is that group chat can serve that role, no matter the size of the business or the industry it’s operating in. It can be a stand-alone prop, or act as a tool complementary to some project management system.

Here are the main areas where I believe live chat comes in handy.

Live chat facilitates effective team communication in general

It can be an intriguing alternative to email, as it’s even more real-time, and doesn’t add any extra backlog to your inbox. You can set up group chats for particular employees or ongoing projects. Team members using live chat for communication with each other no longer have to worry about asking single, minor questions via company email, which nevertheless may have major implications.

Live chat improves productivity

How does it do that? Well, we all know email is pretty fast, right, but live chat seems to be even quicker as it’s very direct. You click the name of the person you wish to contact and they get your inquiry instantly. With email, some people tend to take their time answering it.

I believe that chat, on the other hand, creates a bigger sense of urgency – the team member being contacted via chat app feels compelled to attend to the matter right away, thus affecting productivity of the group in a positive way

Live chat improves internal processes

This category may include a wide range of processes, depending on the particular business entity. One example could be getting swift authorization from a higher-up to proceed with something, or setting up a quick group chat to discuss a new business prospect, as one would do during an office meeting.

Final word

This brief post touches on the highly important issue of effective team communication. The main point made is that you can improve this facet of your business operations by employing live chat for internal communication purposes.

A very important thing to remember is that effective team communication eliminates a lot of work-related stress, thus making the team efforts more productive.

People who have a tool at their disposal, allowing for rapid, direct, group, and one to one communication eventually get a better understanding of what’s to be done and how to go about it. Now isn’t that a manager’s dream come true?


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