Chatwee Monthly Update: January 2014

Although there is cold winter outside, it was another hot month when it comes to working on new features. After observing the results it achieves Chatwee recent times, clearly can say that is worth listening to and meet the sophisticated requests of our customers.

What we have prepared for you in the January update code? I invite you to read.


Chatwee Live Chat WordPress plugin

At the end of the month we finally released our official chat plugin for WordPress. In this way, we begin to expand our chat platform integration with world’s most popular CMS’s. Within a month we will present the integration with Drupal and Joomla.

Chatwee Live Chat plugin for WordPress can be downloaded here. More information about the installation and configuration read this article on our blog.

live chat widget for wordpress install


Ban abusers

This is really powerful one! From now on you have full control over the crowd. Importantly, you can react immediately.

Banning or permanent removal of unwanted people out of your chat is technicaly performed by blocking IP addresses. As the moderator while logged into the chat you can at any time say thank to the spammers for their active participation. Just click the ‘Ban user’ button in the preview of the photo that appears when you hover the cursor always on the user in the list.

Ban user live from chat

Sometimes however, our friend has time to flee leaving behind quite a mess. Take it easy, in this case you can be sure he will not come back too. Just log in to Chatwee control panel and open the History section. Under each user name we append its IP address if necessary. Copy the desired IP address and go to the Customize section and open Ban List tab. Paste the IP address and add the user to your blacklist.

Do not worry, you can apply time penalties. In the event that your abuser repent and ask for mercy, you can always remove him from the list and give him another chance.

Chat widget blacklist


Live content moderation

As a moderator, you can ban users, but also delete unwanted content in real-time. Just click on the ‘x’ button attached to each message in the lower right corner and the message will be removed permanently.

Live Chat real-time content moderation


Message rating




YouTube & photos preview


Enable/disable chat components

At the end of the good news about our current components. You can now enable/disable each of them:

  1. Smileys
  2. Avatars
  3. Sound
  4. File sharing
  5. Message bubbles
  6. Browser tab blink a new message notification
  7. Flags
  8. Private chatting
  9. Message rating
  10. YouTube preview
  11. Image preview
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