Chatwee Monthly Update: November 2013

Work on Chatwee accelerates at all levels. The tactic is simple: more, better and faster! We have new features to introduce and a one super surprise.

December is comming so we need to pass a lot of new information.


Chat Box

Perhaps you noticed the chat widget on the right side of the article in a comment box? So it’s the same good old Chatwee.

Maybe it is not a revolution, but many of you will be really happy that finally Chatwee can also occur as a chat box which can be implemented in a specific container on the page. It is very easy to set chat widget to any div on the page. You can define the size of the element itself, and the application herself will adjust its width and height. Size of the chat window can also be set manually at the control panel.

Of course, there is no need to re-register for Simply log in to Chatwee control panel and go to the Size & View tab. One click and chat in our current form table turns into a shout box.

In a separate article, I describe how to install the chat box on the page and use its features in practice. Feel free to test and evaluate.


Tabs in Customize

The increase of new features caused ​​that we had to finally split the Customize section of in the control panel on a separate tabs. Again: it is better, faster … and clearly! Moving around the tabs you will find the functionality that you are interested in without any difficulty.


Chat Bubbles

Probably every Facebook user remarked recently that were reconstructed private chats. Message is given in chat bubbles, which have so far been associated with mobile devices. Speaking of changes on Facebook, does not fall to my liking pushed to the user name information about what device he is currently using – web or mobile. These green let’s call it ‘statuses devices’ are a little on the holding strength and pretentious, but it may be a matter of habit.

Returning to Chatwee, so our response could not be different: we decided to also enter the chat bubbles in particular that hung about for a long time. The appearance of bubbles on Facebook was only a catalyst to action for us. Of course, chat bubbles can be disabled in the General tab in the Customize section in the control panel. I wonder if the traditional version of the message will go away into oblivion.


Welcome Cloud

You know very well that Chatwee do for their clients absolutely everything? One of our honorable customers found this out by sending us a request on additional functionality.

Thanks to his request, all clients can now compose messages to Welcome Cloud. From now on a special tab in the Customize Welcome Cloud, you can completely disable the welcome message and, if necessary, create your own greeting. At the moment we do not add a separate appearance customization Welcome Cloud, but we look forward to further suggestions.

We are delighted that once again we could help by creating a feature on request.


Trusted Users

If your chat is available to all the login methods it could happen that that someone intentionally or not impersonate another person. Such errors occur frequently in other chat platforms of this type and it is not never too safe.

Chatwee solves this problem. We introduced an additional opportunity to verify the trusted users. Simply enter the email user that already exists in the database Chatwee and then choose the login method it uses. He will be added to the list of trusted users. Moreover, since then will be awarded an extra star in the chat, which indicates that the administrator entered guests to the list of trusted this person.

We are very curious what you think about this feature? Can it also be used to highlight and even reward active users? We are curious about your opinion, because we want to develop this functionality.


Blog Re-designed

Last week I decided to finally give our blog a new design, which has gained more dynamic character. I know I should not excessively admire over my work, but I’m happy with the concept and the result obtained.


Grab the Premium Member plans in the contest

For dessert we have information about a new contest on our profile on Facebook. Since today anyone who will like our profile and vote for the functionality to implement, will be able to win one of six premium plans Chatwee.

Victorious feature will be launched in the first place in the following month of work. The list of winners will be announced the first of January, and if the contest work out, it will be settled permanently on our funpage. I invite you to join in the fun.


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