Target Audience for Social Chat Software

Software such as live chat in a nutshell allows you to run fast text chat on the website. If however, it had to end, we would not have the market to deal with the diversity of solutions in the industry.

Looking at recent years clearly outlined a breakdown of the typical support chat chat rooms and social networking chats.

Chatwee: live support or social networking chat?

Chatwee certainly belongs to the latter group. This does not preclude the use of our application means contact with clients such as the company’s online store. Build a chat and a wide range of functionality – especially for users, primarily pit the involvement of a larger number of customers at the same time, the exchange of information and each other. Simply replace the various methods of logging, edit your profile, the distinction between public and private chat and finally the ability to share files. In short we can say that chatwee is more like Facebook chat. It is intended not only to support trade but also for pure entertainment.

Engagement is the key

The main difference between the above solutions are different roles callers. For live support communication always takes place at the level of the company – the customer, it is possible that two different clients can come to interact with each other. This is a typical fast food, where it counts the quick access to information and the settlement of the case. Contrary to solve social chat where everyone can just talk to everyone, like in a big club with a DJ, a great bar and room for dancing.


Chatwee is particularly recommended to web services bringing together smaller or larger communities involved in some common cases of interest, such as education, music, sports and games, political organizations, religious communities or associations.

Recently lots of live chat type applications emerge on the market. Our idea is distinguished by the fact that is intended to increase community involvement on blog, website or forum, not only as a pure support software. With this in mind we have expanded our application with the ability to share files. Sharing media content increases engagement significantly. Visitors can send files like documents, photos and other media content in a simple and intuitive way. All of this stuff is exchangeable not only in the public but also in private mode.


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