Chatwee Monthly Update: October 2013

It became a rule that at the end of each month we close the next stage of work on improving our chat application. What new functionality chat widget prepared for implementation in November?

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Therefore, the priority is Chatwee reliability and security, we have implemented SSL certificate. In October our chat is also able to handle web pages with https protocol.

SSL implements encryption, server authentication (or the user) and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted information. When you establish a connection to a secure (using SSL) web site, the determination of algorithm and encryption keys are being established and then used in the transmission of data between the browser and the web server.

Browser Window Blink

From now on you will not miss any new message, even if you disable chat sound notifications. You can confidently work and browse the other tabs in your browser. As soon as the message arrives users are notified about it with the blinking tab.

Avatars in Messages

At the beginning of the month, we have improved the appearance of the chat window. Adding avatars to each message, chat took character, lost in the monotony of one color, and above all, improved readability. It has been proven that people faster recognize and respond to the images than text characters.

New languages: Russian & Chinese

In a matter of localization Chatwee once again proves that there are no limits. Open to the east, through the preparation and implementation of our application translated into Russian and Chinese.

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