Using Chatwee To Create a Private Chat Room (No Website Needed)

At its core, Chatwee is supposed to be installed on a website. After all, it’s a chat room app intended for online communities whose members frequent a particular site to engage with each other but also with all sorts of content being published there. When trying to build a community of any kind, it’s advised to have your own space to host it in the form of a website, and then add a real-time communication feature in the form of a chatroom. At the end of the day, though, this isn’t the only way to operate. Chatwee proves to be versatile enough to allow you to skip the site part and focus on setting up just a private chat room. Here’s how this works.

The lead paragraph kept mentioning online communities, as they are Chatwee’s main target, which also assumes rather numerous audiences logging in, but obviously a private chat room can be scaled down as well and serve only a selected few for whatever purpose they may have.

Chatwee is capable of catering to both – large online communities with four-digit simultaneous user counts, who are usually tied to a website, as well as tight groups of only a few, who are looking for a discrete platform for communication, untethered to anything.

How Chatwee usually works 

For your better understanding of the app, let me briefly explain how it’s being typically used. 

A regular Chatwee customer installs the chat widget on their website by copying a line of installation script from their Dashboard and pasting it into the source code of their site. 

private chat room

This is pretty much it, the app is then ready to be used. The customer can play around with different display modes, customization options, and decide which features he perhaps wants to switch off, but these are secondary details.

The Chatwee chat rooms stay on the site and are available (unless privacy settings are changed by the customer) to visitors using desktop and mobile devices.

Creating a private chat room with no website

With all that being said, Chatwee DOES NOT require a website to function after all and can thus serve as an independent private chat room platform. This renders it an interesting alternative to various social media, for example, most of which allow for group chats but otherwise not offering nearly as many other features as Chatwee does.

Also, using Chatwee to set up a private chat room makes your communication more confidential, as we don’t collect any user behavior data or pass any information to third parties.

Ok, so how do you get a private chat room?

Well, you sign up for an account as per usual but instead of using the installation script to place the chat on a website, you utilize the Direct URL also available in Dashboard.

What this unique link does is it opens your private chat room in a full-screen mode in a new browser tab or window.

full screen private chat room

Only the people in possession of the link can access the chatroom. For extra security measures you can also set passwords on particular or all rooms you have created, as there can be multiple chat rooms within your instance of the app.

All the chat app features and customization options remain intact. You can share the Direct URL with your trusted friends and / or partners and enjoy a private chat room experience from any device.


Most Chatwee customers operate a website and are installing the app on it to create an interaction and engagement platform for their community members. It becomes a social hub for the users’ daily communication.

At the end of the day, however, a website isn’t required to take full advantage of what Chatwee has to offer.

You can create a private chat room simply by using the Direct URL which opens the app in a new browser tab or window. You can then provide the link only to those you wish to stay in touch with in the chatrooms and that’s that.

If you’re interested to try Chatwee, use the form below to sign up and enjoy chatting!

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