The Role of Group Chat in The Era of Remote Work

We’re witnessing the evolution of the workplace. Not that teleworking is a new phenomenon, but with recent global events related to the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, a huge number of businesses had to rethink their processes and adapt to the new situation on the fly. One of the strategies being implemented is working remotely. In order for this approach to be successful though, you need relevant tools. Here’s the role that group chat has in this new emerging economy.

I bet you’ve heard of Slack. The app’s wild success and mass adoption shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since instant messaging is a very useful mode of communication in multiple contexts.

Many progressive businesses, especially in the digital industry, have been offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely at least part-time for some years now. Considering the current health scare caused by COVID-19, this has become a necessity.

With many uncertainties surrounding the issue, there’s no time to waste. Plus, whenever this is over, we may see the trend for remote work gain even more traction instead of falter, so why not make something positive out of this difficult situation and jump on the wagon early?

What is remote work all about?

Remote work isn’t a vacation, there’s still stuff to be done. And it can be done alright!

Multiple studies exist proving remote workers are actually more efficient. Obviously, an isolated statement like that doesn’t tell the full story and there are many factors at play, but it’s true nonetheless.  

Simply switching to remote work doesn’t guarantee an efficiency boost by itself. Everyone’s work ethic and commitment are crucial for the operations to stay intact.

When a team goes out of office, swift and adept communication starts to play an even more important role. It’s crucial then for the management to provide tools that will facilitate work and help keep business as usual.

Group chat supercharging remote work

One of the ways to make sure everyone stays on the same page when working remotely is by hopping on a group chat.

There are several ways in which a business instant messenger can create value for your team.

  • A novel and potent tool in your arsenal.
  • Email killer for even more instant communication and to declutter your inbox. You may start using group chat during a stretch of working remotely but it definitely comes in handy for regular, day to day office communication as well.
  • Getting quick updates from people you’re not in the same room with – remote management.
  • Posting mass announcements and briefings.
  • Socializing digitally with work colleagues – a group chat doesn’t have to be all business, 100% of the time. It’s particularly important to maintain social ties in times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are just some of the ways a company can use live chat to facilitate communication between its employees remaining out of the office. I’m sure it can have more applications specific to the particular ways in which businesses operate.

Final word

Switching to remote work doesn’t mean projects will grind to a halt. With proper mindset and tools at your disposal, you and your team members will be able to stay motivated and productive.

Efficient communication is an underrated, yet highly important aspect of business operations. It becomes even more crucial when people can’t see each other face to face.

This new economic situation we’ve found ourselves in is an opportunity to perhaps rethink certain processes and try something new.

The shift to working remotely forced by the coronavirus may be a trend that will actually stay, whenever the worst part of the pandemic is behind us.

With all that being said, consider Chatwee for your everyday business communication needs. Try it commitment-free today and level up your teamwork!

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