7 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Latecomers

So, how’s that Christmas present hunt been going? You think you managed to get stuff that will make your spouse/parents/kids go “nice, you’ve really did well this year, thank you!” without a forced smile on their faces? I sincerely hope so, but as we all know, finding a unique Christmas gift can be a burden. If you’re still trying to schedule some time to comb through the mall in search of presents without anything in particular on your mind, I may be able to provide a little relief to your pre-Christmas pain. Stay with me for seven time-saving unique Christmas gift ideas for latecomers.

Obviously, the Web is dripping with these articles around this time of year, so why should you pay any attention to mine? Well, in an attempt to make my post as original as possible, I decided to not read any similar lists, but rather to come up with suggestions on my own.

Unique Christmas gift shopping made easy

While thinking about items I’ll put on this list, I decided to strike a balance between making my unique Christmas gift suggestions as concrete as possible, and still leaving you some room to operate and adjust to your particular gift recipient.

What I’d also like to mention before I proceed, is that these ideas aren’t supposed to satisfy just anyone but hey! I never said they will! This is why this list strives to be original and presupposes present receivers who may have a bit higher expectations. Alright then, let’s see what Santa has in the bag this year…

Disclaimer: There’s no product placement whatsoever in this article. If I mention any particular brand, I do so due to my personal liking or other non-commercial reasons.

Board game

This maybe isn’t a super unique Christmas gift idea but before you’ll dismiss it, take a minute to appreciate the forgotten potential of board games.

We live in a digitally oversaturated world and are constantly bombarded with various forms of cyber entertainment. I was pleasantly surprised when some time ago I took a break myself and played the world famous Jenga, as well as a kind of number-based Scrabble called Rummikub (you can even win a match in your opening move, which I once managed to do).

Board games are an excellent alternative to screen gazing, especially when having friends over at your place. They incite more interaction between people and are a lot more fun than most people, their judgement somewhat clouded by the years spent online (guilty), think. Take a look here for some nice examples of original board games that can become unique Christmas gift ideas.

Cool socks

Wait, what?! This list was supposed to be original!

I see where you’re coming from but hear me out before you’ll cross this idea off your shopping list.

First off, when I’m talking about cool socks in the context of unique Christmas gift ideas, I don’t mean some silly socks with cheesy print or slogan on them. If you’re not completely immune to people’s outer aesthetics, you should probably notice that the fashion industry, both male and female is as strong as ever.

This includes various fashion accessories such as socks, which can be a great way to make a statement or stand out in the crowd. There are brands like Stance (which now has a deal with NBA to manufacture multiple sock designs for each team and their recent Star Wars collection is a killer!) or Happy Socks, which specialize and excel in producing really cool feet huggers.

This may be a unique Christmas gift for someone who likes to be original and fresh. Besides, it’s also a suggestions for those of you who operate a smaller budget, or are looking to add something extra to another gift they already have for someone.

Game tickets

Most, if not all major league teams now offer game day bundles that can become a unique Christmas gift. These deals usually include food, drinks, t-shirts, and sometime even the opportunity to meet the players.

A present like this can be a great alternative to your regular Friday night out at the bar. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with getting a bunch of friends and hitting the arena.

My suggestion is that you visit your local team’s site to see what kind of deals do they have right now. I don’t think there’s a sports fan out there who wouldn’t appreciate this kind of gift.

A drone

What a time to be alive, huh? Who would’ve thought we’d be giving out flying robots as Christmas presents?

This is a big boy toy, whose popularity is on the rise, as the prices drop, and they become increasingly available to the wider public. Obviously, still the most expensive unique Christmas gift idea on this list, but something to consider for sure.

A drone is a good way to make any tech or filming enthusiast happy. Let’s be honest here, anything that flies and that you can control remotely has a multitude of applications limited mostly by the owner’s imagination.

Just type in “drone store” in Google and you’ll get more than enough results. There are probably some brick and mortars in your area as well if you’d like to consult an expert first.

Wrapped up retro

If your gift recipient grew up in the 80s or 90s, with all the films, comic books and early video games, he might have learned already that the future is now and it isn’t as advertised.

Myself, and plenty of my 80s babies, 90s kids friends have thus developed nostalgia, a longing after the previous century’s closing act. There’s a certain affinity in my generation now for all-things retro and the particular market niche is thriving.

And so, if you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift, you might want to consider searching for things like old sports memorabilia, toys, pieces of garment, or even old-school gaming consoles.

A present like that is sure to put a smile on the face and a tear of joy in the eye of the right person. eBay will have everything you need.

Beard care pack

Besides the retro craze, another thing that is, I think still, trending is facial hair, beards in particular.

You may have a family member or other close person, who takes pride in sporting a well-kempt beard. A beard care pack can be a unique Christmas gift you haven’t thought of so far, but is guaranteed to be appreciated by its receiver.

No actual magic here, just plain ol’ practicality for everyone who doesn’t want to look like a Viking who’s spent too much time at sea.

Designer gadget

This is perhaps the broadest category of unique Christmas gift ideas discussed here. As with socks, this may be a standalone or an extra present, and if you’ll do a thorough enough search, you’ll probably won’t have to go out of your pocket.

When I say designer gadget, I mean anything, from stuff you can put on your desk to pretty much art pieces. The conditions are it has to look great and be useful to the person who gets it.

Take a look here for some unique Christmas gift ideas to get you going. Presents like these – bottle openers, paper weights or lighters, may be good for corporate environment, when you’re trying to remain professional, while also being smart.

Final word

Alright, I hope my list has proved to be of help to you. I tried to mostly include stuff that won’t make you go broke, as well as things that’d be great if you feel like you can splurge a little bit.

Personally, I’d be happy with any of the items listed, probably besides a beard care pack (for obvious reasons), but I know plenty of people who’d put it to good use.

Wish you successful shopping towards the end of the Christmas craze, that will result in smiles on people’s faces, as well Merry Christmas from the entire Chatwee Team!

As always, feel free to leave a comment or hit me on Twitter @Chatwee if you have something to add.

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