Live Chat For Dating Sites: Meeting Users’ Expectations

Times change, the world around us keeps evolving but certain human needs remain as strong as ever. One of the things we long for the most is to have strong relationships. It seems like back in the good ol’ days people were closer. Families stuck together more tightly, new branches grew earlier and the generally slower pace of life made all of this possible. And then came the broadband Internet and changed the game.

Now, the increasingly demanding job market, as well as the widespread transfer of many traditionally offline aspects of our lives into the virtual world, have made keeping and establishing relationships more difficult.

Or have they?

In these busy days, social media platforms have become a digital version of friendships and meetings. Going on Facebook is like walking into a pub where all your friends are. They tell stories and show pictures, and you can approach them to say hi and join the conversation. Or you can just walk around and listen, without saying anything, and that’s ok, too.

There’s a lot of superficial and informal relations going on in social media. However, most people want something deeper. When you combine this feeling with the aforementioned shortage of time you get a niche filled out by dating sites, a notion that was still alien just a little over two decades ago.

The concept of dating sites

The idea behind dating sites is pretty straightforward. People who have little opportunity for real-life social interaction or, for various reasons, don’t feel too comfortable in such setting, are supposed to be able to go online, meet other individuals and, ideally, arrange a date outside the virtual world.

There are dating sites out there offering all kinds of encounters. Matrimonial sites, casual dating, niche dating, social dating. People can now search for and interact with mates according to skin color, location, interests and so on, from the comfort of their homes. We’ve come a long way from the matchmaking rituals of the old days, huh?

Business aspect of dating sites

Obviously, where there’s a demand, a business opportunity arises. Thus, along with the changing patterns of human interaction and establishing relationships, dating sites have started to appear, offering people of all walks of life an opportunity to meet other individuals and create meaningful links.

Discussing the social aspect of dating sites is well beyond the scope of this post, so I’ll not attempt it. Let’s just say that they have their pros and cons, and anyone using them should do so sensibly.

When it comes to the business side, dating site owners’ goal is to create a loyal community of users and provide them with efficient tools for initiating contact and building toward a purposeful relationship.

In order to prosper, owners of dating sites have to ask themselves a couple of questions, such as: what’s the point of my portal, who are and what do people visiting my site expect, how do I help my users achieve their goals, how do I improve the experience they get from using my site?

These are all open-ended questions with no singular correct answers. The solution I’d like to suggest, though, could provide relief to a number of user pain-points and is affordable and easy to implement.

Using live chat on dating sites

To rephrase the points I just made, dating site owners have to address the questions of boosting traffic and building member loyalty if they want their pages to succeed.

And how exactly do they boost ‘n build? Well, since dating sites are inherently community-based, a tool like live chat can serve as a natural interaction facilitator. It provides users with an opportunity to stay active and connected, and as a result, broaden their circle of potential new friends. Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Members of dating sites have certain expectations toward the services they’re using. Most of these people will be probably looking for an experience which is as close to a real-deal encounter with another person as possible. Needless to say, communication on different levels and getting to know the individual on the other end are at the base of it.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what does Chatwee have to offer to both parties involved in the dating sites biz.

Dating site owners

Theme customization

Regardless of the line of business you’re in, upkeeping a coherent image of your brand is very important. Make the live chat widget match your site’s color scheme and use it on either side of the screen as a familiar, Facebook-like list, a compact version or a pop-out window.

Seamless login

Chatwee has introduced the Single Sign-on option, where users, upon logging in to your website, are being automatically logged in to the chat as well. Use Chatwee API to make the live chat an integral part of your website.

This option provides extra credibility to your site and its users, as their nicknames and avatars are then displayed in the chat window.

Multiple language translations

Your dating site may be used by people of various age and not necessarily speaking the online lingua franca which is English.

To create a top-class user experience and make them feel comfortable using the live chat on your dating site, adjust the font size and set their native tongue. Chatwee has been translated into 33 languages!

Multiple admins and profanity filter

Chatwee empowers you with advanced management tools like naming multiple admins to hold some of the mischievous posters in check or blacklist selected words for good.

Moreover, you can block certain user names from being registered and not allow for link spamming. By implementing these measures, you increase security and create positive impression among people using your site.

Easy integration with CMSs

I’m talking about CMSs especially popular with dating sites, like WordPress, BuddyPress, Joomla! or Jomsocial.

There are more to come, and if you haven’t found your content management system here just let us know and we’ll work something out.

Dating site users

Social media integration

This option allows dating site members to log in using their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, which should be an advantage for those who are serious about finding a date and not goofing around or trolling.

If you haven’t spent the last couple of years under a rock, recognizing a fake profile shouldn’t be that difficult. Using social media login details shows the user’s honesty and helps them to connect on yet another level.

Emojis for non-verbal communication

Smilies have become an integral part of online communication. They’re widely used to fill in for body language and facial expressions, which are natural emotion conveyors absent from text-based conversations.

What better environment to use them in than on dating sites, where emotions run thick. Words are powerful, however, at times, an emoji can pack so much more meaning than a mere sentence.

Uploading avatars

Dating sites are all about interacting with flesh and bone people. Photo avatars add a real human touch to the sometimes soulless digital world.

Having a cool picture makes the user stand out and be remembered, as well as creates an opportunity to raise potential date’s interest and encourage him or her to find out more about you. Kinda like great blog post titles.

Mobile version

The Web is no longer confined to desktop computers. In fact, Internet use on mobile devices is on the rise across the chart.

The idea behind the popularity of social media applies to dating sites too. It’s about where you are and what you’re currently doing, as well as connecting with other like-minded people through text and media.

The ability to communicate on the go using live chat creates a totally new kind of experience. Members of dating sites can now link with others at a time and place convenient to them, without the necessity of sitting in front of a computer. Who knows, the love of your life may be out there right now so don’t miss out.

Private chats and instant media sharing

Now, this feature may be particularly important for users of dating sites. One, it allows for a bit of one-on-one privacy, and two, the chat software makes it possible to instantly share files, videos and links.

You wouldn’t find a much better way to see if the other person is really serious about getting to know you than this. This function could also be used to start spontaneous conversations with strangers by sending them some photos or links.


A useful feature for those users, who’d like to be notified about others’ approximate location. Linking up with someone from your parts is a lot more convenient in the long run for obvious reasons.

Instead of wasting their time on what may prove to be fruitless friendships because of geographical separation, members of dating sites can target only individuals in their area. And don’t worry, you can always turn off this feature if privacy concerns will arise.

Setting up and editing profile

Users can tell the world more about themselves straight away by filling out their profile with information like a website/blog URL, place of residence, short creative bio including marital status, sex, expectations, etc.

This should help in sifting through potentially mismatched mates and attracting the right ones. Some of the more expressive individuals will appreciate the opportunity to show off a little and optimize their time spent on the site.

Final word

The growing popularity of dating sites is a sign of times. Since they address a basic human need and have been thriving only for a relatively short time, it’s safe to say they’re here to stay.

As the competition in the niche will grow, if you’re a dating site owner, you have to consider steps that will ensure prosperity to your page. Your number one focus are your website visitors, so you have to keep that in mind and cater to their expectations.

Live chat is a tool your users will surely appreciate, as it provides them with an opportunity to have real-time, direct interaction going beyond words, which in these circumstances is especially important. An investment you should definitely consider if you’re looking to attract more people to your website and create a mingle-friendly environment.

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