The New Edition of Chatwee Live Chat Blog

We are pleased to announce that our blog received a new fresh look, which is directly related to the arrival of an entirely new Chatwee chat platform. There will be a lot going here! We’re sure that you will be pleased with the new site, which has been refreshed and adapted to entirely new version of Chatwee chat widget.

On this occasion we want to share with you a few words of introduction and say what topics we will explore on the blog.

Why do we blog

We firmly believe that the blog will be used in many ways and for many purposes. The blog will be used as an excellent tool to inform you about new products and promotions and any changes in our company. But not only.

First of all we would like to focus on building a friendly relationship with you – dear users. Thanks to blog a will be able to maintain uninterrupted communication with subsequent articles. You will be able to reply to comments, in which we will participate willingly. Such a discussion will cause that we will get to know each other even closer. In the future we will be able to better adapt our services to the increasingly sophisticated needs.


General thoughts and concrete support

Blog has been divided into various categories where we would like to share with you some thoughts on the broader perspective of online communication. We want you to test and explore new channels and opportunities to reach visitors and customers through systems like our chat. There will also be providing guidance and solutions for our app. The Customer Support department will be able to get acquainted with many hints that will assist in setting up our chat.

Even from here, I invite you to get acquainted with first two tutorials. The first one, in a very precise, describes how to install the chat on the site, paying attention to some important issues. If you have no programming experience – do not worry. We put enough heart, resources and time to make our widget was up intuitive to use and does not require knowledge of programming languages. In the end, everyone should do what is best.

The second article expands the issue of chat widget customization, so you can adjust it up to your site. Raises the issue of selecting colors and fonts Finally, ensuring the safety of you and your users, we will tell a little bit about the functionality of profanity filter and chat content management.

The more we expect of your questions, inspiration and ideas – we hope that everyone in this way find quick support in the use of our services.

Blog is here for you to serve. We invite to comment.

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