Are Twitter Hashtags Actually Worthless?

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Recently, I came across a blog post insisting that Twitter hashtags are worthless. Since I happen to be an ardent tagger myself and I’m also big on headlines that deliver their promise, I’ve become intrigued by the claim and decided to dive into the article. After I was done reading, I immediately thought of writing a respectful rebuttal, as I don’t quite agree with the author’s main point and the way he tried to support it. Keep on reading to see if Twitter hashtags may still hold some value for your business communication.


How Live Chat Can Boost Interactivity And Support Comment Sections

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The Internet is a sea of voices that want to be heard. There’s no shortage of means to express your opinions either. A variety of personal blogs, discussion forums, social media platforms and website comment sections let users speak their mind, mostly in an uninhibited way. Nothing wrong with that, it may seem, but I think that anyone who uses the Internet for more than just email knows all too well how freedom of speech plays out online. I won’t delve into this topic, as its meaningful discussion is beyond the scope of a mere blog post. Instead, I’d like to show you how to use live chat to boost interactivity of your website and make communication more efficient.