Chatwee Monthly Update: August 2014

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Two months of hard work and the new features are finally brought to you. On 23rd August we have started to implement a new version of our chat system. Contrary to appearances, it was a very complex operation, and not without difficulties, which we hope fortunately are behind us.

So, what features do you get within the new chat service version? Feel free to look at them in this article.


Tutorial: How to Embed Chatwee Chat Box to Website

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Early December we have provided a new version of Chatwee live chat software, which is fundamentally different from the previous one, namely the fact that now our social chat can be embedded anywhere on the page as live chat box.

This article aims to introduce the advantages which our online chat box provides for websites and show best practices of customization and exploiting its rich features. So let’s take a moment to check out this setup and configuration guide.