Live Chat as a Medium for Mental Support [Case Study]

Various types of mental issues are no longer considered a taboo. They’ve gained traction in popular media and an increasing number of people, including many celebrities decide to speak up in an effort to raise awareness and mitigate the negative impact. Despite all the publicity, a lot of people still find it difficult to seek help and openly discuss their problems. One of the major social issues worldwide is alcoholism and it just so happens that one of our customers has taken up the noble task of providing mental support via live chat to those battling the addiction.

Mr. Jouko Nurminen runs the site Alkoholiongelma aimed at creating community and providing comprehensive mental support within Finland.

As stated before, many people facing alcohol problem may not be ready to talk right away. They might have to do some soul searching first. Mr. Nurminen’s site is a great source of compassionate and inspiring text that will help anyone in need take that first step on the right path.

At the moment, he’s pouring in his own time and resources into the project, but if anyone reading this would be willing to help, feel free to contact him directly at to support his efforts.

Expanding operations

Offering a wide selection of quality texts to initiate the process of freeing one from alcohol addiction is great, but sooner rather than later human help will be required.

Live chat comes in particularly handy because of its immediate nature, which is crucial when making an emotional decision on the whim is concerned. Using Chatwee, Mr. Nurminen is able to provide those in need with mental support, tips, and advice on how to stay strong and not fall to liquor.

Group therapy can be transferred to the online world in the form of group chats, but apparently even in the digital realm it’s not easy to get people to open up before others. That’s why one to one sessions are especially helpful.

Implementing Chatwee

Mr. Nurminen told us he’s been looking for a live chat solution for quite some time. Eventually, he decided to go with Chatwee, especially since it’s available in the Finnish language.

Another feature particularly useful to him proved to be the unlimited message history. All that’s been posted in the rooms can be later pulled up and serve as a reference point in the future.

Chatwee currently serves as an efficient and discreet mental support channel. Mr. Nurminen is able get to know people’s problems and advise accordingly on how to best tackle them. He’s also told us he has a growth strategy in place to accompany his efforts.

Looking to the future

As previously mentioned, it’s tough to get people with alcohol addiction to admit they have a problem and proactively seek mental support. Live chat is a medium they can use at their own convenience while also staying anonymous, if they choose to do so.

Mr. Nurminen sees Chatwee as an important part of his operations moving forward.

It not only allows him to bring assistance to those in need, but also collect feedback and boost traffic to his site. The niche he’s in is a special one and he can’t rush things. He has to remain understanding and compassionate, considering the nature of the situation his chat partners are in.

We wish him plenty of success in his noble enterprise and if there’s anything he needs from us, we’re here to help.

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