Live Chat Playing First Fiddle in Community Growth – A Case Study

Online communities centered around common interests spring up all over the Web. Those, which are able to stand the test of time and thrive usually do so by offering their members, and sometimes even lurking guests, something of value. What’s important and beneficent to the growth of these communities is steady communication and the opportunity to interact on the regular. Bear with me to learn about a site attracting violin enthusiasts, that decided to bring its visitors closer together by implementing live chat.

As I mentioned, interaction is crucial for the development of an online community. There’s a number of ways you can go about providing a platform for it, including a comments section, a discussion board or a group live chat. The latter usually generates an experience which resembles real-life interaction the most, with its immediate delivery of messages and private, one-to-one conversations. Let’s take a look at how one of our partners uses Chatwee as a part of his business, sharing his craft with people visiting the site.

The subject

Pierre runs a popular site called FiddlerMan, offering plenty of resources to anyone who wants to learn to play the violin. It’s a comprehensive one stop shop, providing quality educational content, and even helping you to buy a fiddle if you like.


Site members are able to watch free tutorials, use the online violin learning games and download free sheet music. Through the forum, they ask questions related to how to play the violin and get great help. The FiddlerMan, who’s a professional violinist himself, reviews those questions and even answers some of them.

Reading is one thing, however, seeing is learning. This is why Pierre puts up a ton of instructional videos to help his site visitors master the beautiful violin.


As the number of people visiting and interested in learning the craft grew, Pierre started to look for a fun way to connect the members of his online community.

The solution is all about sharing the knowledge, and live chat happens to be an excellent add-on, complementing a variety of educational activities online. And not only because it allows the student to reach out to the master occasionally, but most of all, because it facilitates mutual motivation, growth and expansion of knowledge among the learners.

The ability to interact via live chat with other fiddle fans as you learn new facets of the violin is invaluable. You can reinforce the newly acquired skills, or seek immediate help, in case you come across any hurdles.

As I learned from Pierre, “After doing some research and comparisons, I chose Chatwee for its compatibility with WordPress, it’s clean look, and simple interface. Chatwee also has the advantage of allowing our regular logged in members to chat directly without having to log in separately. It doesn’t bog down our server either.”.

Our partner thought, and rightfully so, that live chat was a good way to bring the already existing forum members closer together. The live chat widget allows them to have real-time conversations when they are a bit bored or need that extra push and motivation in their learning process.

The result

So, how else has Chatwee live chat helped FiddlerMan and its members?

As I again turned to the man himself, I learned that “Using live chat, members can stay motivated to play and learn by chatting with musicians who share their interests. We use Chatwee as a chatbox and not for regulated support. The members at are like family to me and each other. Though I do join the conversations from time to time, there are some members that use it regularly, which brings me to another fine feature. Being able to easily assign admin rights to the most trustworthy members.”

It’s hard to disagree that motivation is huge when it comes to achieving success in any endeavor. As I’ve visited the site a number of times, I’ve noticed there’s always a bunch of people from all over the world hanging out in the chat room.

Surely, an online community has developed at and it’s value is only confirmed by the fact that Pierre trusts some of its members with easily assigned moderation powers.

“Our members make violin and fiddle playing friends for life and they look very much forward to their daily chat sessions. The chat also gives them a place to discuss techniques and even on occasion, play for others. After implementing the chat, we had a discussion on the forum about whether or not we should keep it. Some members get so used to the interaction, that they would be sad to see it gone.”

Now that’s music to our ears, thank you to all of you at!

Live Chat Implementation Conclusions

Let’s now try and sum up some of the things we’ve learned about the use of live chat by the FiddlerMan’s online community.

Essentially, Pierre runs a site which is a perfect place to start if you’re into learning the violin, or join to stay motivated and meet like-minded individuals from different parts of the globe. The most noteworthy conclusions stemming from this case study of live chat implementation are:

– it facilitates the creation of a lasting bond between site members

– it helps the students stay motivated and on-course to learn how to play the violin

– it creates a social space for discussion of the subject matter and mutual exchange of knowledge among the aspiring musicians

– considering the points just made, it also helps to drive steady traffic to the website provides another example of an interesting application of live chat software, as well as a model online community based on values such as sharing of knowledge, hard work and trust.

If you’re looking to upgrade your site and make it more social waste no time, sign up now and request a free trial of one of the paid plans, or keep using the Free-forever plan if suits your needs.

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