Chatwee Monthly Update: May 2014

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What a month! So many improvements to our chat platform have not been implemented yet in any other month earlier. Full list of fixes generally exceeded the number of seventy, and the month is not over yet! We will not discuss, of course, all the little things we have been up to so that you do not get bored, but we want to boast several functionalities, which will especially appeal to you.

What we have prepared for you this time? I encourage you to read about the new features added on Chatwee May Update.


How to Add Live Chat Box for Wix

by 0 is providing a website building platform to over 46 million users in 190 countries. The figures are blasting. 45,000 people join Wix on average every single day to create their websites and add dozens of features including social plug-ins, eCommerce and community forums through Wix-developed and third-party applications. Like almost every leading website builder platforms, including Wix allows embed code, and therefore Chatwee becomes at once more popular among users of the platform.

This material is for anyone who has or plans to have a Wix site and would like to add a live chat room to boost engagement.

Add Chat Box for Tumblr

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Last reports says that short-form blogs are still doing very well. Wiki informs that as of May 1, Tumblr – the world leading microblogging platform hosted over 184 million blogs. Despite being only a simple-form blog service, Tumblr has a great feature which allows to edit the HTML code, thus embedding a chat widget like Chatwee is not a problem at all.

This article reveals the simple step-guide how to add chat system to Tumblr blog.