Vanilla Chat Plugin Integration Tutorial

Vanilla Chat Plugin

From now add you chat to Vanilla Forums. Vanilla is yet another awesome Internet forum software. With its second version (Vanilla 2) lots of new features emerged including among the others the GPL importer, Single Sign On, Themes and WYSIWYG Editor. Vanilla has also firmly expanded directory with numerous addons, so it could not miss our chat plugin.

This article sheds light on the integration of Chatwee chat plugin to Vanilla Forums.


Concrete5 Chat Add-on Installation

Concrete5 Chat Addon

Now you can easilly add chat room to Concrete5 site. Concrete5 is an open source content management system for building websites. Thanks to the intuitive web builder feature Concrete5 is also dedicated for non-technicans. As well as theme editing feature, this CMS includes possibility to install Add-Ons. These are the reasons why we’ve decided to craft our own Concrete5 chat add-on.

This article brings the know-how of adding Chatwee chat plugin to Concrete5 website.


Add Chat Widget to Voog Website Builder

add chat widget to voog

“Your website is going to be awesome”. This slogan invites you to take the plunge and try build a new website with Voog (old Edicy) a flexible multilingual website builder.¬†Just as easy to use, it is easy to embed third-party applications. Let’s dive into adding a chat widget to yet another great webbuilder.

This article shows how to add chat widget to site built with Voog webbuilder.


Chat mod for Simple Machines Forum (SMF) Software

PHP Chat Mod for Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is another great example of PHP internet forum software. Moreover, it is free, and features does not differ from other popular forum solutions. What we value SMF at most  is the fact that in a friendly way, you can create and add your own modifications. Why not add a shoutbox for SMF forum to accelerate a communication a bit?

In this tutorial we share how to install chat mod for Simple Machines Forum software.


Chatwee Monthly Update: August 2014

Agust 2014 chat system update

Two months of hard work and the new features are finally brought to you. On 23rd August we have started to implement a new version of our chat system. Contrary to appearances, it was a very complex operation, and not without difficulties, which we hope fortunately are behind us.

So, what features do you get within the new chat service version? Feel free to look at them in this article.


How to Embed Facebook-like Chat Plugin Into Cotonti Site

Embed Live Chat Plugin to Cotonti

Cotonti is the PHP Content Management System based on open-source targeted for online communities, business and personal sites. With its set of modules Cotonti can serve as a software for blogs, E-commerce, newspapers, gaming clans, corporate portals, etc. We have just issued a separate chat plugin ready to be embedded for this community software.

This article covers how to install Chatwee chat module for Cotonti.


How to install chat service in Typepad

Embed Live Chat to Typepad

Typepad service is considered as a blogging platform for non-technicians equipped with rich additional features like mobile blogging, photo albums and theme editor. Individual support is always at close hand in case of any requests. All these comforts make Typepad attractive to many companies and media organizations such as ABC or MSNBC. The mentioned above theme editor allows to insert third-party services like Chatwee chat widget to your Typepad blog.

This article reveals the installation procedure of our chat service in Typepad.